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Alquimia das Almas: 6 similar dramas and where to watch

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Doramas are dramatic productions produced in eastern countries. At first, the term was used only to designate Japanese content. However, with the increase in production in other countries such as South Korea, China and Thailand, the name became popular to refer to the others as well.

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A recent successful example of the genre, Alchemy of Souls released two seasons and has no plans to receive a third. This happens because K-Dramas are not used to getting many seasons, even when they are successful.

In light of the end of the series, we’ve created a selection of other doramas that will conquer fans of the genre. See below for a list of productions similar to Alchemy of Souls!

6 – Jinxed at First

(Source: Viki/Disclosure)Source: Viki

Soo Gwang had a totally normal and good life, until he met Lee Seul Bi. The woman changed his destiny forever. Now, whenever he dreams about her, the character has a run of bad luck.

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This makes his business as a fisherman and a seller go bad, as no one wants to get close to him due to his reputation as an unlucky person. Bad luck happens because Seul Bi inherited a power from her mother, in which she can see someone’s future through a simple touch.

Upon managing to escape the captivity in which she was held by a family that abused their power, Seul Bi will seek the help of Soo Gwang, who does not know whether to trust the woman who brought chaos into her life.

The 16 episodes are available on Viki, a streaming service focused on Asian content.

5 – The Eternal King

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The fantasy series shows two parallel worlds: the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Korea. In the latter, the division between the two Koreas, which are commanded by King Lee Gon, never occurred.

The king is looking for Lieutenant Jeong Tae-Eul, who helped him when he was just 8 years old. To cross the two worlds, he uses half of a flute he has. In the Republic, he becomes just an ordinary man and meets the lieutenant, who doesn’t remember who he is.

The two begin to get to know each other better while Lee Gon’s refugee uncle has the other half of the magic flute and could put both worlds in danger.

The plot has 16 chapters and is available on Netflix.

4 – Red Sky

(Source: Viki/Disclosure)(Source: Viki/Disclosure)Source: Viki

The novel tells the story of Hong Chun Gi, a painter living in the Joseon Dynasty. In such an era, women could not hold positions like the one she held. The artist was born blind, but over time she acquired the sense of sight.

One day, she meets Ha Ram, an astrologer who was born with sight but was blinded during childhood by an accident. Despite this, he manages to track the movements of the sky to predict the future.

The narrative of the romance between the two is told over the course of 17 episodes contained in Viki.

3 – Tale of the Nine-Tailed

(Source: Viki/Disclosure)(Source: Viki/Disclosure)Source: Viki

Nam Ji Ah is a television producer who is determined to prove the existence of creatures from local folklore, the nine-tailed fox being one of them. The creature seduces unsuspecting humans due to its lust for human flesh.

She creates a program that investigates and delves into the subject of urban myths, and one day, during her searches, she encounters Lee Yeon. Ji Ah doesn’t know it, but the charming and intelligent man is also a nine-tailed fox.

She doesn’t know, but suspects and decides to keep an eye on him. Lee Yeon, however, has no intention of hurting her, but of protecting her. Especially after the arrival of his half-brother, Lee Rang, who is thirsty for blood.

All 17 episodes of the fantasy novel are in the Viki catalogue.

2 – Hotel Del Luna

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Jang Man Wol is a thousand-year-old ghost who is condemned to run a hotel in downtown Seoul for a sin she can’t even remember committing.

One day, new assistant manager Goo Chan Sung arrives at the establishment. Man Wol is intrigued by his presence and realizes that maybe he is what the hotel was missing so much.

The series full of mysteries and romance has 16 episodes, available on both Netflix and Viki.

1 – Familiar Wife

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Cha Joo Hyuk has the opportunity to go back to the past and ends up doing an action that completely changes his life and that of the people around him. Now even his wife is another.

Trying to understand what his new life will be like and whether he will be able to return to what he had before the incident, follow the protagonist through 16 episodes, available on Netflix and Viki.

So, have you watched any of these dramas?

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