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Alone with Natalie Portman for the premiere of “Thor: love and thunder”, the actress acknowledged: “I would be interested in playing Mathilda again”

Alone with Natalie Portman for the premiere of

Natalie Portman returns to the MCU, but this time as the mighty Mighty Thor.

Few times in his 30-year career Natalie Portman repeat character. She did it in the prequel trilogy of starwars three times, as Padme Amidala and in Thor the same number of times with the premiere in the next few days of Thor: love and thunder. She is an actress who went through various genres, who always chose to do what she wanted and who stands out as one of the best of her generation. in conversation with TechMarkupabout whether he would like to repeat a specific character from his entire career, he replied: “I would be interested in playing Mathilda again 30 years later. That would be interesting to explore.”

Mathilda was her film debut. This 12-year-old girl had been orphaned by a corrupt DEA agent (Gary Oldman) killed his parents and was left under the care of León (jean reindeer) in The perfect assassin. The film was incredibly successful, but was also surrounded by controversy over the central relationship between a girl and a 30-year-old man. That was a pretty intense entry for Portman into the film industry. He never tripped over a stone like that again. Today he carefully chooses each of his projects, he gives himself the pleasure of taking on roles that interest him and enjoys his career without neglecting the upbringing of his children. In this case, going back to Jane Foster, this time as mighty thor.

Natalie Portman under the skin of Mighty Thor.  (Marvel Studios)
Natalie Portman under the skin of Mighty Thor. (Marvel Studios)

The reason why he returned to the character after almost six years of his last performance, he made clear: “Thinking about working with Taika (Waititi). I really admire what he has done with the Thor movies, with Thor: Ragnarök, and also what he has done outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I just think he has such a unique talent, so working with him was so much fun and it was really being ready for all kinds of improvisation. That was the biggest draw.”

portman entered Marvel with Thor, directed by Kenneth Branghand continued on Thor, a dark worldwith the address of alan taylor. Until then, the character of Chris Hemsworth functioned best as a member of The Avengers than as a solo hero. All change for the third installment, Thor: Ragnarökthat with the arrival of Taika Waititi he became more of a comedy character than an action character. In that film, the actress did not return. At that stage she only had a cameo in avengers. But immediately closed phase 3 of Marvel received the call of the director offering him his return and in a more important challenge than just being the love interest of the character of the god of thunder. The official presentation of him was at the 2019 Comic-Con.

Taika Waititi presents the hammer Mjölnir to Natalie Portman.  (KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES/AFP)
Taika Waititi presents the hammer Mjölnir to Natalie Portman. (KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES/AFP)

“I always want to try something different, something new and something I’m not sure I can do. And I think one of the luckiest things about what we do is that you get to explore really diverse roles, really different sides of yourself, things that you need to learn for yourself.” highlighted the actress of the iconic the black swan referring to this new challenge of returning as Jane Foster a Thor, but also in a very different role. No longer as the protagonist’s partner, but as a human looking for a supernatural solution to an earthly problem.

Without advancing anything of the main plot, although many will know the true story of this return of Jane Foster from the comic that serves as the base material, Portman acknowledged that he had a double preparation for Thor: love and thunder. On the one hand, the human conflict, and on the other becoming a superheroine: “I read a lot about the type of experiences my character is going through and I talked to people who also experienced the same types of things that she faces. And then, of course, I used my imagination of what becoming a superhero could be like for a human and what that could take away from your life as a human. It was so much fun getting to imagine these two sides of her as mortal and God.”

The film arrives this week in theaters in Latin America.  (Marvel Studios)
The film arrives this week in theaters in Latin America. (Marvel Studios)

The new film of the God of thunder has a renowned comeback like that of Natalie Portman, but also two new characters. one is the villain hatthe Butcher of Gods, played by Christian baleand the other is Russell Crowewhich you entered as Zeus. In the cast, in addition, they repeat Hemsworth as Thor (who promised to continue beyond his fourth film), Tessa Thompson like queen Valkyrie, Korg, the funny character from Taika Waititi and the Guardians of the Galaxy led by Chris Pratt. A top quality cast between recognized figures that cut tickets and great talents.

But within all that salad of names, portman stands out for returning in a double challenge and contributing to the universe of movies from Marvelwhich is adding more heroines played by prestigious actresses (in the third Thor, Cate Blanchett was the villain of the day). She was also the one that had the most impact due to her physical change and her muscles. However, she took another valuable memory from the set and this experience: “They allowed me to keep the Mjölnir that I practiced with, the training one, which was a lot of fun. It is very good for my children because they can really play with it. It’s like, soft, it’s not dangerous, it’s great, ”she recounted with great emotion.

First trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” with the introduction of the new characters and a closer look at the powers of Mighty Thor. (Marvel Studios)

Thor: love and thunder opens next July 7 in Latin American theaters.

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