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Alone with Lupita Ferrer: “Abuse is an issue that tends to be swept under the rug”

Alone with Lupita Ferrer:

Interview with Lupita Ferrer for the premiere of “Amores que deceit”.

The name of Lupita Ferrer is synonymous with television melodramas. She was without a doubt the queen of soap operas back in the 80s when the genre was in all its splendor. Crystal was perhaps the fiction that marked his international career, in which Ferrer played a woman who abandoned her daughter (played by her compatriot Jeanette Rodriguez), and then they met again at the modeling agency that directed the role of Lupita. “I wasn’t prepared for what it became Crystal in Spain. It was a social phenomenon. I had never seen such crowds in my life. I think that was my destiny. He touched me, he overwhelmed me, he scared me”remembers the actress in a talk with TechMarkup before the premiere of the episode “Right to be happy” of the cycle loves that deceive, which can be seen on Sundays in lifetime and of which it is a part.

"Right to be happy" is the chapter in which the actress will participate in "Amores que deceit".  (life time)
“Right to be happy” is the chapter in which the actress will participate in “Amores que deceit”. (life time)

This unit goes through different situations in which women are abused and are immersed in toxic relationships, how was it to incorporate these issues into your career?

-These are very hard and very difficult issues that have to be faced, and I think it’s great that they are being told in lifetime. The roles are now very different, she is no longer the pink novel of 20/30 years ago.


-It is very important that these issues are made visible on television…

-Of course! Those issues tend to get swept under the rug, there’s a lot of trouble with that. Sometimes the same women do not want to realize or do not realize that they are abused. There is verbal, physical and psychological abuse as well. Women are manipulated believing that they cannot do things on their own, when in truth they can do it and they come to a point when they believe it, or they do not want to say it: “My husband hits me or punishes me, he mistreats me but I don’t want to say it because I’m sorry… I’m not going to tell it to my friend and even less to my mother”. So I think those are the current dramas, IMHO, but I think I have some authority because I’ve done so many dramas.

Lupita Ferrer: The Venezuelan actress was queen of soap operas and now she returns to television.  (life time)
Lupita Ferrer: The Venezuelan actress was queen of soap operas and now she returns to television. (life time)

In this Saturday’s episode (May 28), “Right to be happy”, Lupita is accompanied in the cast by Aylin Mujica Y Hector Suarez Gomis. Ferrer plays the mother of the protagonist (Mujica), a woman who has lived a 25-year marriage with a man who cheats on her and abuses her physically and psychologically, humiliating her all the time. Her children have grown up imitating this behavior, and a good friend of hers makes her see that she has the right to a better life and she decides to face her reality.

Recently you were able to say that you were personally a bit of a victim of this violence with your first husband. How did you get through that moment?

-Yes, it is something that I tell in the book that I wrote before this series of lifetime that it’s called Lupita Ferrer, nakedbecause it is the nude of my soul, of my memory, of my things. My first husband did not come to physical violence but there was a certain threat in it. He was always armed and the first thing he did was put the revolver on the nightstand. I remember that in one of the big fights between husband and wife that couples always have, I locked myself in the room but he shouted, he offended me. And then yeah I was afraid that he would use the weapon. It was psychological violence because he wasn’t pointing the gun at me, but I knew he was there. So, there is a certain tone of abuse, and today I believe that no woman should allow that. Sometimes a dependency is created between the abused woman and the abuser.

Interview with Lupita Ferrer: the actress talks about her experiences and memories.

-Going back to the world of soap operas, Crystal It was undoubtedly one of the most remembered on the continent and in Spain. She has marked a generation and remained in the hearts of many. What others do you remember?

-In Argentina I made two very nice novels that were not such intense dramas. It was about Loving You Y loving you 2, which was a very delicious, very nice, very sparkling novel with the wonderful actor Arnaldo Andre. I loved Argentina. What’s more, I wanted to stay in Argentina! I didn’t because of course, my family. I was very close with my family and I felt a bit isolated in Argentina. However, I know that several compañeras from Venezuela made their lives, got married and everything there.

Are you in contact with your Venezuelan colleagues such as Grecia Colmenares or Jeannette Rodríguez?

-I try, because I am a person who likes to be in contact with people. I don’t like being locked in my room, but unfortunately after the pandemic here in Miami a culture of confinement was created. I saw Grecia Colmenares a few years ago and then I haven’t seen her again, and Jeannette, I don’t know. You know that she is the mysterious girl, I call her the Venezuelan “Greta Garbo”. I love her, but I haven’t seen her again.”

In "Derecho a ser feliz", Lupita Ferrer acts alongside Aylín Mujica and Héctor Suárez Gomís.  (life time)
In “Derecho a ser feliz”, Lupita Ferrer acts alongside Aylín Mujica and Héctor Suárez Gomís. (life time)

-How did you experience this return to television?

-Is my come back to television. I have been retired for many years due to the pandemic, but I was also taking care of my mother who finally passed away. It was a very hard moment. But I also realized that I was committed to taking care of her. Now I feel freer to travel and accept contracts. Whatever it is, I think I left a mark and the affection of the public. When I’m old and looking at photos, I’ll say: “Well, they loved me”. That is the most important.

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