All in Everywhere at Once premieres on Prime Video

This Friday (24), the phenomenon of 2022 arrives on Prime Video: Everything Everywhere at the Same Time. The announcement of the launch took place through the streaming platform’s social networks last Friday (17).

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It is worth remembering that the feature was already available to watch in Brazil, but only through rent or purchase on Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Youtube. Now, Amazon streaming subscribers will be able to check out the project without having to pay an extra amount.

Currently, the streaming service has a monthly plan for R$14.90/month or an annual plan for R$119.00/year.

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The phenomenon of 2022

In the story, Evelyn, played by Michelle Yeoh, is on the verge of losing everything in her life. His laundry business is failing and his family relationships are falling apart.

  • All in Everywhere at the Same Time becomes A24’s highest-grossing; look!

One day, while going to resolve tax issues, she discovers that the universe she lives in is just one of millions. From there, she goes on a journey of self-discovery and reflection on the meaning of life, while fighting a villain who wants to destroy all universes.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time opened in American theaters on March 11, 2022 quietly. However, the feature film starring Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan gained great repercussions through word of mouth, being extremely praised and recommended by those who had watched it.

The film’s protagonist Michelle Yeoh. (Source: A24/Disclosure)Source: A24

That’s how it became the highest-grossing film in the history of its production company, A24, grossing US$ 107.4 million worldwide.

  • Jackie Chan almost starred in All and Everywhere at Once

Plus, he’s winning multiple awards during awards season, which ends with the Oscars on March 12. In the 95th edition of the awards, the feature received 11 nominations, including Best Film, becoming the most nominated of the year.

The event will be broadcast on TNT and HBO Max.

Wassup, are you looking forward to watching one of the great movies of 2022?

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