All about the apocalyptic thriller ‘Leaving the World Behind’: trailer, synopsis, cast and release date

A world on the verge of collapse. It is the enigmatic and disturbing proposal that presents us Sam Esmailhe showrunner from the series Mr. Robotadapting the best-selling novel by Rumaan Alam. And, in addition to having the guarantee of Esmail as director, it has a cast of stars such as Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Bacon and Mahershala Ali.

There is also the peculiarity that it has the former North American president among its producers. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle carrying out his duties in what would be his first fiction feature film. Produced by the companies Esmail Corp, Higher Ground Productions and Red Om Films, The film will be distributed by Netflix.

‘Leave the world behind’ – synopsis

Amanda and Clay have rented a luxurious house on Long Island to spend an idyllic weekend with their children. However, at dawn the owner of the property knocks on his door. accompanied by his teenage daughter. Seeking shelter and visibly scared, he tells them that there has been a blackout in the city. But it’s not all. There are several cyber attacks and strange phenomena in nature are also taking place.

It is not clear what is happening in the world, but it will also remain to be checked How do the two families endure coexistence? and if together they will manage to survive the tragedy.

‘Leaving the World Behind’ – Trailer

“The truth is scarier”we are announced in the first trailer released by Netflix of what is glimpsed a sophisticated apocalyptic thrillerand in which we can glimpse, for example, moments as terrifying as a rain of blood.

‘Leave the world behind’ – Cast

Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke They are the couple that has rented the houseand Mahershala Ali plays to the landlord. Plus, Kevin Bacon steps in as a construction worker obsessed by conspiracy theories.

Besides, Farrah Mackenzie (from the series Utopia) and Charlie Evans They are the children of the couple formed by Roberts and Hawke, while Myha’la Herrold (who we will soon also be able to see in Coup on Wall Street) is the daughter of the Mahershala character, and the young Alexis Rae Forlenza (also present in Memory by Michel Franco, soon to be released) of the character of Kevin Bacon.

‘Leaving the World Behind’ – Release Date

Netflix’s intention is to release the film, at least in the United States, in a limited number of theaters on November 22, before its premiere on the platform a couple of weeks later. December 8th. Date on which it would also be available in Spain in its streaming catalog.

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