All about ‘Argylle’: espionage, action, humor, star cast, trailer, synopsis and release date

He hasn’t had enough with the saga of kingsman. Matthew Vaughn wants more, much more, and the proof is Argyllehis new and ambitious spy film with which he intends not only to inject new vigor into the genre but also to inaugurate a lucrative saga. There will be everything: lots of action, humor, intrigue and a great cast full of familiar faces. And judging by the first trailer released by Apple Originals, the truth is that it promises fun and entertainment.

It all started, according to Vaughn himself, when he read the first draft of a novel not yet published and (supposedly) written by a certain Ellie Conway, also called Elly Conway according to other sources. “It was the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s books from the 1950s. It’s going to reinvent the spy genre”commented the filmmaker enthusiastically.

And the “supposedly written by…” would be because some North American media questioned the existence of the aforementioned writer, a fictitious name. What it would mean a kind of game or nod to the plot of the film itself. Curious? Let’s go with more details.

Synopsis of ‘Argylle’

From the outset, the first trailer also clarifies whether its protagonist is a writer (a fact that also varied as the first information progressed). And she will be a writer. Specifically, the fictional and aforementioned character of Elly Conway. A famed author of best-selling spy novels who works quietly in the comfort of her home accompanied by her mother and her cat Alfie.

Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard and Alfie in ‘Argylle’

One of the plots of his books, centered on the superspy Argylle, focuses on the creation of a dark global crime syndicate. But what he didn’t count on is that he has the strange gift of guessing things that are really happening. For this reason she will be “recruited” by a real agent, Aiden, who is also allergic to cats. It won’t take long for Elly to delve into a convoluted story in which fiction and reality intermingle in an increasingly dangerous way for their physical integrity.

Trailer for ‘Argylle’

Let’s go with the trailer, and in a version dubbed into Spanish. To the sound of Let’s Dance of David Bowie and Suspicious Minds that popularized Elvis Presleywe have at all pace, and in every mood, a progress that allows us to take good note that there is a “cat locked in” in all this entanglement and what awaits us.

‘Argylle’ cast

In addition, a parade of well-known performers awaits us. Bryce Dallas Howard is Elly Conway and Henry Cavill is the (also supposedly) fictional super secret agent Argylle. Seductive, perfect, manly and relentless killing machine, in the purest Bond style.

Sam Rockwell It’s Agent Aiden, a lover of danger and allergic to Alfie. singer and actress Dua Lipa a mysterious spy from the rival side, Catherine O’Hara the mother of the protagonist, John Cena one of Argylle’s reinforcement agents, Bryan Cranston appears in a role of head of the spy agency, and Samuel L. Jackson He plays what would be the real agent “Argy” (Argylle in reality?). But there is more, Sofia Boutella, Ariana DeBose or the comedian and writer Rob Delaney.

‘Argylle’ release date

And although it is an Apple Studios production, together with Marv Studios, it carries the company’s commitment that its most anticipated films are released on the big screensletting it make its way there for a few weeks, and then reach its streaming distribution window, Apple TV+.

Regarding the premiere, it has been set for February 2, 2024 in theatersboth in the United States and Spain, distributed by Universal Pictures.

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