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Alice in Borderland: Will the series have a 3rd season on Netflix? Look!

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After a long wait, fans were finally treated to the premiere of Season 2 of Alice in Borderland on Netflix. It was two years between the releases of the first and second parts of the Japanese series, which first aired in 2020. The new year featured eight episodes and delved even deeper into the mysteries of the narrative.

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And as expected, with the end of the new wave of chapters, many are already raising the question: Alice in Borderland will have a 3rd season on the streaming giant🇧🇷 In this matter, we have gathered everything we already know about the subject and we will tell you everything now!

Will Alice in Borderland have a season 3?

For now, the Netflix has not yet renewed Alice in Borderland for a new season🇧🇷 But that doesn’t mean the series will end with its second part. The truth is that it is still too early to speculate and, before making any decisions, the streaming service likes to analyze audience data and the performance of the work in question.


That is, we will probably have to wait for a few weeks before knowing whether the production will continue on streaming or not.

When does Alice in Borderland Season 3 premiere?

If the renewal is confirmed, and we judge that the 2nd season of the show arrived just 2 years after the first, it is possible to say that the 3rd part of Alice in Borderland would only premiere at some point in 2024🇧🇷 Unless the renewal happens soon, because that way recording work could start as soon as possible. In the end, it all depends on Netflix.

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What could happen in Season 3?


As has already become clear, the first season of the Japanese series covered the first editions of the manga of the same name, created by Haro Aso, on which the production is based. The second season adapted the remaining publications.

A 3rd season, therefore, could be based on an unpublished story, written by the production team of the series itself. However, we are just guessing and nothing has been confirmed yet.

Remembering that the 2nd season of Alice in Borderland is now available in full on Netflix to marathon.

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