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Alice in Borderland: Season 2 of the series premieres on Netflix; Look!

 Alice in Borderland: Season 2 of the series premieres on Netflix;  Look!

Let the games begin! After two long years of waiting, the 2nd season of alice in borderland, finally, made its debut on Netflix. The new episodes arrived on streaming today (22) and follow up on the events seen in the first part of the series, which aired in 2020. The Japanese work has Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya and Nijirô Murakami in the main cast.

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Based on the manga of the same name, created by Haro Aso and released in 2010, Alice in Borderland narrates the story of Arisu (Yamazaki), a young man who, one fine day, wakes up in an abandoned Tokyo.🇧🇷 Gradually, he discovers that there are other survivors scattered around the city and that everyone needs to participate in certain deadly games in order to stay alive.

Watch the Alice in Borderland season 2 trailer:


Filled with twists, betrayals, mysteries and drama, Alice in Borderland soon became a huge hit on Netflix. To give you an idea, the debut season, in its early days, ranked in the platform’s top 10 in nearly 40 countries🇧🇷 Which didn’t make the streaming giant’s decision to renew production for another year so difficult.


The new part of the Japanese series has eight episodes, which were released simultaneously so that fans can marathon. While the first part covered the manga’s first 31 issues, the second is expected to depict the remaining 33 issues.

In addition to the returns of Yamazaki as Arisu and Tsuchiya as Usagi, the characters Kuina (Aya Asahina), Rizuna (Ayaka Miyoshi) and Shuntaro (Nijirô Murakami) are also in season 2. The main novelty in the cast is actress Riisa Naka, who lives Mira Kano, a character introduced as one of the game masters at the end of the first season.

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As seen at the end of the first year, by the way, the search for answers by the survivors continues. Would gathering the cards in the deck help them get out of that alternate reality? Who are the game masters? How did they get there? Hopefully Alice in Borderland Season 2 will give us more hints to figure it all out!

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