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Alexa will notify when the cameras detect the presence of a person or a package

Cameras compatible with the Alexa digital assistant will be able to identify the presence of a person or package and notify users in real time.

Amazon made the Alexa Object Detection Sensor application programming interface (API) available to manufacturers of smart home cameras, such as Ring, Google or Abode, a new notification function based on visual computing technology.

Specifically, this new API will allow cameras or doorbells compatible with Alexa to inform users in real time when they detect a person or a package. The notice will arrive through a push notification in the mobile application, as announced by the company in its place for developers.

It will also alert across Echo family devices with an audio note and allow streaming video to be viewed on Echo Show displays, Fire tablets, or Fire explained by Amazon in a statement to developers.

This feature supports Alexa routines, which will trigger specific actions when people or packages are detected. For example, when a package is detected, the assistant can be configured to turn on the lights at the front door.

In turn, users can decide which Alexa-enabled devices they would like to receive detection ads on. Additionally, they can customize detection and notification settings for individual cameras.

Supported camera manufacturers can access the Object Detection Sensor API available in the Alexa Developer Console.

Clothing store and payments with the palm of the hand

The company is also betting on innovation in the analog world. A clear example of this is the decision to open clothing stores at the end of this year, as announced in January. In these stores there will be technology in every corner, as you can imagine.

Payments will be made with Amazon One, a resource that allows you to pay with the palm of your hand. In turn, the hangers will have a QR code that customers will be able to scan to see the size, color or availability of the garment.

Additionally, the Amazon Shopping application will be used within the facilities, where people will leave their items in a fitting room and it will not be necessary to go out to order more items, since they will be available in the store. In addition, the changing rooms will have touch screens to request more clothes.

stock drop

Amazon made headlines today because its shares fell more than 10% in pre-market trading. This came after the tech giant reported its first loss in seven years in the first quarter.

The e-commerce giant was down 8.49% to $2,646.41 in the pre-market session on Friday., around 10 AM (Argentine time). If the drop continues when the market opens, Amazon will lose about $130 billion of market value,” he said. Business Insider.

The bottom line was hurt by a $7.6 billion drop in the value of its stake in electric car maker Rivian, whose shares have plunged nearly 70% this year, the publication noted.

Today, as we are no longer chasing physical or headcount capacity, our teams focus squarely on improving productivity and cost efficiency. across our fulfillment network,” Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a statement released with earnings results.

The executive also said there was a high level of uncertainty, with the war in Ukraine, inflation and supply chain issues likely to put pressure on the company in the second quarter.



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