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Alexa, the Amazon assistant, will be in contact lenses with augmented reality

Amazon will bring Alexa to this product to show people’s market list.

A new use case has emerged for smart contact lenses, this time with amazon in the middle by bringing your voice assistant, Alexato a project MojoVision about these types of products.

The project, which is still in a conceptual phase, seeks to integrate the shopping list function to the device, so that the user can see it while shopping in the store and have greater clarity.

This is a first slow application that comes from a third-party product, because until now the company in charge of its development had talked about native functions, which range from showing the way on a route to analyzing the health of the eye.

Alexa in a contact lens

The tool being tested is specifically Alexa Shopping Listwhich would be designed to display the shopping list, which was previously created by the user, in an augmented reality interface.

For this, the assistant’s voice function is integrated to add or remove items, which will then be reflected on the real view in the store, through a miniLED screen “without obstructing your view, restricting mobility or hindering social interactions” . Other household members can also participate in the list by adding products.

Amazon will bring Alexa to this product to show people's market list.
Amazon will bring Alexa to this product to show people’s market list.

Additionally, the user can navigate the list with his eyes and mark the items that he has already bought or added to the cart from the market.

“At Amazon, we believe experiences can be made better with technology that’s always there when you need it, but you never have to think about it,” said Alexa Shopping List GM, Ramya Reguramalingamin a statement about this project.

While this may be a very simple use case, it is an opportunity to highlight how this technology, smart contact lenses, can be integrated with other systems highlighting other experiences for an interface that may be limited. being only in the eye.

“The test integration shows how Mojo Vision could integrate Alexa’s voice AI with Mojo Lens’s unique and powerful eye-based interface,” they reported from the company in charge of the product.

This device is in an initial development phase in which for now there is no clarity on when it will reach the market or what other additions will be added.

Amazon will bring Alexa to this product to show people's market list.
Amazon will bring Alexa to this product to show people’s market list.

Contact lenses of the future

This American startup has been working since 2015 on the creation of glasses that allow people to see the paths they take when walking, showing the routes, the time and the number of kilometers traveled.

Another example is the additional information when playing golf, such as the distance to the hole, the number of shots and other information that is important in a sport. All through augmented reality, which the person will see through the lens reflected in physical space.

Clearly, these types of products have a long way to go, because their cost is the main rival to bring them to market and the challenge of not affecting people’s health, since it is a foreign body that enters the eye.

However, there are many brands that are creating technology of this type, such as Sony who patented glasses to take photos and videos controlling it with the eyelid. Samsung It is also working on ones that have a camera and the ability to project images in the user’s eye.

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