Alessandra Rosaldo confirmed that Eugenio Derbez is stable: “He is recovering”

Alessandra Rosaldo confirmed that Eugenio Derbez is stable: "He is recovering"
The Mexican actress and singer accompanied her statement with this photograph she took holding her husband’s hand. (Photos: Instagram/@ederbez)

Alessandra Rosaldo reappeared on her social networks to share an update on the health status of her husband, Eugenio Derbez, who a few hours ago underwent surgery as a result of a spectacular accident he suffered. Amid speculation, the member of opposite senses confirmed that the surgery was a complete success and the famous comedian is already recovering.

It was during the morning of this Wednesday, August 31 –two days after reporting “delicate injuries”– when Alessandra Rosaldo used her account Instagram to convey good news to her husband’s family, friends and fans through a statement. Remarkably grateful for the love she received, she commented that the creator of XHDBZ He spent several hours in the operating room, but fortunately he is now stable and ready to continue his recovery.

This was the update that his wife gave about his state of health (Photo: Instagram/@alexrosaldo)
This was the update that his wife gave about his state of health (Photo: Instagram/@alexrosaldo)

“To all those who have been watching Eugenio, I want to inform you that fortunately, after a long and complicated surgery, he is recovering. Yesterday was a very long and emotional day, but thanks to your countless expressions of affection, messages, good wishes, blessings, prayers, and the light you sent us, the surgery was a success”, she began.

The intervention was only the first step, since Eugenio Derbez must take care of himself and follow the medical instructions for his speedy recovery. Alessandra Rosaldo ended her statement with a thank you to all the fans of her husband and her colleagues who filled their social networks with messages of encouragement for the beloved Mexican producer, among which she highlighted Consuelo Duval’s post.

The couple celebrated 10 years of marriage last July.  (Photo ig:@alexrosaldo)
The couple celebrated 10 years of marriage last July. (Photo ig:@alexrosaldo)

“From now on his recovery begins. We feel the love they send us closer and stronger than ever and we are infinitely grateful. Thank God who guided the hands of doctors. Thank you doctors, specialists, nurses and nurses. Thank you all for your respect, patience and understanding.n. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”.

As expected, it took a few seconds for the comments section to be filled with more expressions of affection in honor of Eugenio Derbez. Many joined in prayer to ask for his speedy recovery and thus be able to enjoy him in his next projects both in film and on television. The great absentees in networks are his three eldest children, Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardowho have not declared anything about it, however, could find themselves separated from their accounts because they would be accompanying their father.

(Photo: Instagram/@ederbez)
(Photo: Instagram/@ederbez)

What Joy!!! Blessings!! I love them”, Andrea Legarreta wrote. “I love you. Thank you. To God,” added Sharis Cid. I love you, praying for you, everything will be more than good, you deserve only love!” Claudia Lizaldi reacted.

What happened to Eugenio Derbez?

After the interpreter of Where are they? made known her husband’s condition, endless rumors began to emerge about what had happened. It was in this context that Gustavo Adolfo Infante – entertainment journalist – explained in First hand that the comedian would have broken his shoulder in approximately 11 places while playing with one of his children.

He was in Atlanta playing with one of his children, I don’t know if with Vadhir or maybe with the little girl, with Aitana, I don’t know. Virtual reality, so he was wearing a virtual reality headset (…) I understand that when he gets excited, doing this, he crashes or trips and breaks his shoulder into 11 pieces.

“In Atlanta they were going to operate on him, but they start doing CT scans, X-rays and so on, and they see that the operation was very complicatedfor which they immobilize him and send him to Los Angeles, where Eugenio lives […] I have not known more, he was going to undergo a shoulder reconstruction operation. There are pulverized parts of the hit”, he declared.

So far, no relative of Eugenio Derbez has confirmed or denied said information.