Alder Lake: what temperature for the Core i5-12400 with its standard Intel cooling?

Only a few days left before Intel unveils the processors complementing the Alder Lake range.

If they are not yet officially on sale – which should not belong since Intel mentioned on January 4 – the new Alder Lake ‘non-K’ processors have already leaked everywhere.

A range of three new heatsinks

The latest indiscretion comes from YouTuber Chill Builds who not only presented his Core i5-12400, but submitted it to some tests which were all the more interesting because he also tried the imagined cooling system. by Intel.

Remember, at the beginning of December, we had a brief overview of the three new heatsinks imagined by Intel. A first model – called RS1 – is reserved for entry-level Celeron and Pentium processors. An intermediate model, the RM1, is designed for the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. Finally, the Core i9s have the RH1.


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The mid-range, the RM1 therefore, had already been seen through a “Peruvian” leak, only a few days ago. We now know more about his real abilities.

81 ° C for the Core i5-12400 and its RM1

Chill Builds has indeed got its hands on the Core i5-12400 and its RM1 placing the two products in a closed case, in this case a Lian Li O11 Air Mini, a quality model. There is no question of a detailed test, but the video still gives an interesting overview knowing that tests like Cinebench or Blender were used.

Intel Core i5-12400 + RM1 © Videocardz

The RM1 heatsink alone, then placed in the complete configuration with the Core i5-12400 © Videocardz

Compared to the previous leak, which was based on an “open” test platform, Chill Builds obtained results that were 11 ° C higher. The Core i5-12400 is thus raised up to 81 ° C during the most demanding sequences. Knowing that the RM1 is not an advanced cooling solution, the results are encouraging.

It was a question of an ambient temperature of approximately 20 ° C and a frequency of 3 990 MHz on all the cores for a score of 1693 points in test single core on Cinebench R20 and 12,137 points in multi core.


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To learn a little more about this processor, finally on a very similar version, but without an integrated graphics solution (the Core i5-12400F), know that JAWARA Media has also indulged in a few indiscretions.

Source: Videocardz

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