Alarm clock bug in the Android clock app: Google wants to fix the problem soon

It has already been said several times that Google’s watch app does not always do its job reliably on Android. A recent bug ensures that the alarm clocks set by the user do not go off. Google now wants to counteract this with an update to resolve alarm clock bug in android clock.

The clock and its alarm function are an essential part of every smartphone and should therefore also play a major role for Android users. After all, many users let themselves be woken up by their smartphone and do without a separate alarm clock or clock radio. This is exactly what has been failing for some users for a few days, as reported.

Google Will Fix Clock App Bug Soon

The cause of Alarm clock bug is supposed to be a mistake that Google claims to have found in the meantime and wants to fix. A representative of the internet company confirmed on Reddit at the weekend that the error actually exists and the causes have been found. In the near future, Google plans to provide a corresponding update that will eliminate the problem of alarm clock.


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Meanwhile, it sounds like the error could only appear if an android clock app from a music streaming service such as Spotify was selected to start a certain type of audio playback when the alarm function was triggered. The Google employee suggested that those affected should, if possible, select an alarm tone from the list of sounds available on the device in order to solve the problem of alarm clock bug for the time being.

google alarm clock
As is well known, music streaming services can also be selected in the Google alarm clock. However, this is currently causing problems. / © NextPit

The fact that it takes several days for the alarm clock problem of the Android clock app to be eliminated is not surprising, given that the so-called “Labor Day Weekend” is currently taking place in the USA, i.e. a national holiday. In many places and probably also with the responsible Google team, the weekend started earlier, so we will have to be patient a little longer.

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