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Alarm apps for Android: getting out of bed will no longer be a difficult task

With these apps getting out of bed in the morning will no longer be an impossible task. Photo: Christin Klose/dpa
With these apps getting out of bed in the morning will no longer be an impossible task. Photo: Christin Klose/dpa

Although all phones include an app that allows you to set alarms and activate timers, they have not succeeded in getting those who have trouble waking up to get out of bed on time. However, in the Android app store, there are several proposals that could help you have a more organized sleep routine that allows you to sleep better.

Here are some of the Google Play apps to set wake-up alarms that offer various additional features.

google clock

The Google Clock app comes pre-installed on Pixel devices, Android One, and some other cell phone models that have decided to leave it by default instead of creating an app of their own. This application has also been considered by Internet users as one of the easiest and most practical options to use when setting an alarm.

Among its functions, programming an unlimited number of alarms stands out, synchronization with Spotify so that a song of preference sounds —instead of the typical alarm clock ringtones— and linkage with WearOS watches so that the alarms also sound on the smartwatch.

Shake it alarm

This alarm is especially dedicated to all those who find it extremely difficult to get out of bed and start the day, because In this application, to turn off the alarm clock, you have to shake the phone, shout or make a mark with your finger in a specific place on the screen, which makes it not easy to deactivate it, as it happens in other applications.

Apart from selecting any of these options to be woken up, you can also choose the random mode, which will mean that you never know in what way the alarm will have to be disconnected.

good morning alarm clock

This mobile application has been considered by Google editors as one of the best of its kind, since it works according to the user’s sleeping habits to wake him up at the ideal time. In addition, it shows a panel with the statistics of the hours in which you have slept and if that routine has changed.

For the application to be able to monitor circadian cycles at bedtime, you must leave your phone nearby and the next morning the alarm will sound with relaxing sounds, a special song or indicating the weather forecast.

Sleep Better

This alarm is from Runtastic, the same company that has created some of the most popular applications on Google Play to monitor physical performance during training.

The proposal differs from the others because, through technologies such as artificial intelligence, it analyzes people’s sleep between the period in which the alarm clock has been programmed and the time it will ring.

In addition to working as a platform that monitors people’s sleep quality, offers various informative content on how to combat insomnia and other conditions related to sleep problems.

Sleep as Android

Like several of the apps on this list, in addition to waking people up, it analyzes their sleep cycles. Perhaps its only drawback is that it is paid, so you will only have a 20-day free trial. To highlight: the user will be woken up every morning with sounds of nature.

smart alarm clock

From its name, one might think that it is also an application with the ability to monitor the user’s sleep and each of its cycles. It is similar to “Shake It Alarm”, so it is a challenge to turn off the alarm.

Among the particular ways to turn off the noise of the alarm clock, is correctly solving a math problem, shake the phone, scan random barcodes or QR codes, draw a pattern correctly, and enter a text. Although it also offers the option to turn off the alarm clock in a simple way.


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