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AirTags would be sending ‘ghost’ notifications to users

The Apple’s AirTags have been showing glitches, confusing iPhone users with ‘ghost’ notifications, According to a report in the American media The Wall Street Journal.

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It should be noted that the AirTags launched last year have measures against bullying, as they are designed to notify users when one of these unknown devices is near them for an extended period of time. The idea was discourage people from placing them with third parties to track them without their consent.

According to the media, in recent weeks customers have detected that the devices send false alerts, usually at night. When the person receives an unknown AirTag alert, a message is displayed. attached map showing where and for how long the locator was detected on your person.

However, the alerts have been accompanied by maps showing straight lines that start from the location of a person, which is completely unusual and has the appearance of being a mistake in the AirTag system.

It is not yet clear the false alarm frequency, although it has been seen that it is not the only one that Apple customers have experienced. While TheVerge While testing the security features of an AirTag, he received multiple notifications that someone else was stalking him, proving that they would indeed be several errors occur.

Similarly, other users reported seeing confusing alerts triggered by your AirPodsan issue that Apple addressed in a recent update to better differentiate alerts triggered by various accessories.

In the WSJ report, users say that alerts make them nervous, particularly when they can’t seem to find any AirTags on his person. In one case, a user said that he could not force the so-called unknown AirTag to play a sound and the FindMy app said that the AirTag was not available. This also happened in tests of The Verge several times even though the AirTag in question was only inches away.

After multiple reports of harassment and unwanted tracking Registered earlier this year, Apple said in February that it intended to make unknown AirTags alert people sooner and emphasize louder tones in sound notifications. Apple is currently implementing a AirTags update for this latest firmware tagged as 1.0.301.

In an investigation, TheVerge found that too many false alarms could be dangerous, since Users can become desensitized to AirTag alerts intended to keep them safe.

However, they also stressed that there are design challenges that need to be addressed. While experts agree that the current notification window is not adequate, making it too short can also unnecessarily scare people who are not being tracked.

This is because the AirTags must still be able to identify if they have been placed on a person or if they are simply near that person. It would seem that this recent round of phantom alerts is proving that concerns about false alarms are justified.

AirTag and Android

Tracker Detect is the application that Apple has decided to add to the Google Play Store, which will allow you to find an AirTag quickly and conveniently, without the need to use an iPhone or any other device from Cupertino. It’s free and can only be used by devices with Android 9 and later versions installed.


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