Airplane mode: what is it and why does it have that name

Airplane mode: what is it and why does it have that name
Airplane mode. (photo: BoletoViajero)

All the mobile devices modern have it, whether smart phones Y tablets, or even laptop Y computers, but what is it and where does it come from exactly? Today TechMarkup will explain in this article what it does, why that name originates and of course, when it is necessary to activate the Airplane mode in a device.

One feature that misleads cell phone users is Airplane Mode, a Mode that, when activated, causes the mobile device loses (almost) all the connectivity it has by default. Almost everyone knows what it’s for by now, but it never hurts explain it in depth, and comment on little tricks that can be used with this Airplane Mode.

What is Airplane Mode

Airplane mode on a mobile phone is a setting that can be activated at any time, usually as a result of shortcuts from hardware.

When turned on, Airplane Mode will cut off all wireless connections on the device. It’s almost like it’s turned off, but you can still use it offline.

Activate airplane mode.  (Photo: Capture)
Activate airplane mode. (Photo: Capture)

This means that when Airplane Mode is on, you can’t send or receive text messages or calls, and you can’t connect to the internet.

The gps The cellular phone is also disabled and Near Field Communication (NFC) or other connectors are not working. Bluetooth is also disabled and you can no longer stop using devices connected to this technology.

can be used Applications installed, but features that require an Internet connection cannot be used. And if that connection is required, like an app on the cloud, it will not work directly. For offline use, only the data that is already in the mobile phone (such as photos taken or videos or music downloaded) can be used.

Why it is called Airplane Mode and when to activate it

The name of this mode comes from the prohibitions that years ago prevented the use of the device in flight, which led manufacturers to design this option. Nowadays, however, it can be used for other purposes, such as simply disconnecting from everything, but still using some of the mobile phone functions.

Airplane mode is designed to be activated in flight, although agencies have become more tolerant of cell phone use on planes over the years. Without going any further, the European Commission in 2014 allowed a flight without activating it.

But one thing is what the organizations say and quite another what the airlines say, which have the last word and do not usually express their position. This means that most of the time you still need to turn on airplane mode during flights, so it is still a current function.

One of the first instructions by flight attendants to passengers is to put the phone in airplane mode (Getty Images)
One of the first instructions by flight attendants to passengers is to put the phone in airplane mode (Getty Images)

And why do you have to activate it anyway? Well, to facilitate clear communication between cabin crew and air traffic controllers, and so that the telephone signal is not disturbed at any time.

However, many pilots claim that using a cell phone in flight does not interfere with the plane, but airlines still have the final say and passengers must comply when asked to turn on this feature.

Still, even with airplane mode on, people can intentionally connect to Wi-Fi when on a flight that offers it, so you can use your cell phone to navigate and keep other sensors active.

Other uses for Airplane Mode without being on a flight

If it’s necessary drums and you are very far from a plug, activating Airplane Mode is like activating a beastly energy saving mode in the connections. If it is combined with a real Power saving mode, you will have a battery saving that can only be overcome by turning off a iPhone either Android.

Also, you may want to cut these connections for various reasons: uninterrupted sleep with the certainty that local alarms and notifications will sound; or want to have a moment of peace and quiet without being interrupted.