Age of Empires 4 will release this Fall: everything revealed by Xbox Game Studios

Age of Empire 4 release date,

According to the plan, the “Age of Empires” fan preview event will take place this weekend. After a long period of silence, we will be able to know in real-time the new details of the next fabulous strategic saga, “Age of Empires 4“. The preview contains the actual game. Xbox Game Studios has revealed all about the game. A new preview of the image, a window for the release date, and even an early access version are yet to come.

In the trailer, we can see that many elements appear in the “Age of Empires II” will be seen in this series. Including up to 8 civilizations, we have glimpsed some unique aspects of each civilization, revealing the arrival of the Delhi Sultanate and the Chinese Empire, which are either new members of the Mongol people or previously advanced British settlers, as well as some new ones. appearance. Regarding the combat mechanism.

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The great historical battle, due to its long historical background, is more credible and should make this battle more fascinating. Also, the game will include some new additional features, such as the implementation of physical destruction of the environment, we will use them to literally see the collapse of walls and buildings.

What to expect from Age of Empires 4:

However, many fans have already pointed to the infamous graphical changes in the game, comparing the models from the first batch of games to the models shown in this trailer. Indeed, it seems that many base units have been reduced to unrealistic designs and colors, although this does not really mean taking a step back on the graphical plane.

A controversy that reminds us of the aesthetic changes in “The Legend of Zelda: Windrunner” was initially criticized for choosing simpler “cartoon” graphics instead of greater realism and became a favorite part of the fans.

According to Xbox Game Studios, “Age of Empires 4” will not only appear under these visual changes, but will also add a new user interface, and completely new content in this legend, in addition to the new gameplay of the event, there are many new mechanics.

Currently, up to four historical battles, asymmetrical designs for different civilizations and some strategic details have been confirmed that will reuse the fog of war and allow you to hide soldiers in the forest for the first time in ambushes.

The end of this short five-minute video is no doubt one of our best news: its release date. Additionally, “Age of Empires 4” has been confirmed to be officially released this fall and can be purchased through Steam and the Microsoft Store. In addition, it has become part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription from the first day of listing.

Although it is more interesting than Relic Entertainment is ready for an early closed beta, developers are urged to register their interested players as “Age Insider” on their official website for a chance to gain access.


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