Home Entertainment After Walter White, Aaron Paul will also return as Jesse Pinkman

After Walter White, Aaron Paul will also return as Jesse Pinkman

Imagem de: Após Walter White, Aaron Paul também voltará como Jesse Pinkman

The meth kings are back! After the small preview of Bryan Cranston returning to the role of Walter White, it’s time to Aaron Paul returns as Jesse Pinkman. Unfortunately we are not talking about a revival of breaking badbut a commercial action that promises to warm the hearts of fans.

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The snack brand PopCorners revealed last night a teaser starring Pinkman. He appears in the all-too-familiar New Mexico desert, next to the duo’s trailer. where several of the most memorable moments of the series took place.

With one of the theme songs from breaking bad in the background, the character answers a call, which could very well be from Walter White. Watch the teaser below!

Are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman back?

As already revealed earlier this month, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will star in a commercial for the snack brand. The ad will air during the Super Bowl halftime on February 12.

It is not yet known whether other characters from the series, such as lawyer Saul Goodman, will participate in the publicity. Other plot details haven’t been revealed either, but we do know that the Super Bowl halftime is known for quite elaborate productions.

After the end of Breaking Bad, actor Aaron Paul rose to prominence as Jesse Pinkman in the Netflix film, El Caminofrom 2019. The production is focused on the character and shows Pinkman’s life after the events seen in the last season of the series.

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White also returned in Better Call Saulthe series that follows the duo’s lawyer before the events of Breaking Bad. Filled with references, the production won the hearts of fans and ended last year.

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