After the Universe: movie is in the top 10 in 40 countries; meet

Launched last October 27th, the national film after the universe, which features actress Giulia Be as the protagonist, is in the Top 10 on Netflix in more than 40 countries. Among them are Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, among other nations. In Tupiniquin lands, the feature is currently in second place, according to the FlixPatrol website.

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Giulia plays Nina, a talented pianist who has always dreamed of playing in the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra. But upon discovering that she has lupus, an autoimmune disease that requires dependence on hemodialysis sessions, she ends up having her goals frustrated. Her only hope is a kidney transplant.

The national novel entered the TOP 10 of Netflix in 40 countries. Source: Netflix / Disclosure


During this period, she meets the resident doctor Gabriel, played by the actor Henrique Zaga, and together they discover that they feel something for each other. They end up falling in love and the doctor, responsible for medical monitoring, becomes a safe haven for the pianist. Despite Gabriel helping her to conquer part of her dreams, Nina knows she may have little time left.

Giulia Be consecrated herself with the hit “Menina Solta”, released in 2019. In addition to her debut on Netflix, the singer also already has a Latin Grammy in her portfolio and, recently, was the cover of Rolling Stone Brasil magazine alongside John Conor. Kennedy, her boyfriend (and yes, great-nephew of John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, and ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift).


The musical composition of the film, with songs in English and another in Portuguese, is by Giulia Be herself. See in the trailer below:

It is worth noting that, to prepare for the role, Giulia Be spent about a month attending a hospital, following the routine of lupus patients who depend on hemodialysis to survive. And the feature has the disease as a guiding thread: a subject that does not have the proper approach in our country. The disease can occur in anyone. However, women are the most affected.


the cast of after the universe also features João Miguel, Othon Bastos, Rita Assemany, Leo Bahia, Viviane Araújo, Isabel Fillardis, Adriana Lessa, Denise Del Vecchio and João Côrtes. The direction is by Diego Freitas and the script bears the signature of Ana Reber.

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