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After the exit of Beat, Cabify will work with this application so that drivers and passengers continue using the service

(photo: Cabify)

Last week the departure of Beat in Latin America. “From this date it will not be possible to make trips with our application. However, the accounts of our users will continue to be active until December 7, 2022. After this date, our app will no longer be available”, could be read in the first part of the extensive statement shared by the company.

But before leaving app of Greek origin decided tender your client portfolio. Among Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina accumulated 17 million passengers and 1 million drivers, after 11 years of operation. The winner? Cabify, who was negotiating the last days with his former competitor in the framework of the contest.

Over the weekend, the final details of the agreement were fine-tuned, which came into force as of this Monday at 00:00. Over there, Beat undertakes to recommend Cabify as the mobility alternative, after discontinuing its service in the countries.

In an alert message through the platform, Beat explains that “we greatly appreciate the preference of the more than 17 million passenger users and more than 1 million drivers who trusted us to travel through their cities. We have learned a lot in all this time and in this dismissal phase we thought of referring our users to an app that could provide a service that lives up to the expectations of our users. We trust that Cabify will offer a pleasant experience to all the people who accompanied us on the route”.

Cabify and Beat.  (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)
Cabify and Beat. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)

Meanwhile, through a press release, Cabify’s regional manager for Latam, Ignatius Gutierrez, He said that “we recognize the contribution of Beat and its collaborators to mobility in Latin America. At Cabify we have been working for 10 years on the challenge of improving it, promoting the transition to sustainability and increasing opportunities for the people of this region. Today we want to tell all users of the Beat mobility application that we want to be part of their family trips, to be the one who takes them to work, to fulfill those dreams that move them around the city”.

The senior executive revealed that in the last days after the fall of Beat Up to 218% more users have tried the Cabify app in these five Latin American countries. In addition, new collaborating drivers have increased by 60% in the region as a whole, with thousands still going through the verification process: “we will continue working to give opportunities to all passengers and collaborating drivers.”

Recommendations for Beat users

Do not forget that from 00:00 hours on Wednesday, November 9, it is no longer possible to request any service in the app.

However, users will still be able to continue logging into their account and be able to make any questions they deem convenient through the help menu until December 7 this year.

Beat.  (photo: A Thousand Things and One)
Beat. (photo: A Thousand Things and One)

Similarly, it is recommended that if a user has their credit or debit card linked to the application you must remove it first before deleting the app from his smartphone. This should be done as a preventive measure to avoid problems in the future, since it is not good for confidential information to remain on the servers of a company that is no longer going to operate in the aforementioned countries.

On the other hand, if you still have any outstanding credit with Beat, the value will be returned to the linked account.

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