Update (2022-09-15):

On Monday, IOS 16 was launched and one of the news is that it is once again possible to see the remaining battery life as a percentage at the top of the screen.

Unfortunately, the function is missing on Iphone 11, Iphone 12 Mini and Iphone 13 Mini, but now it is clear that these models will be supported with the upcoming update to IOS 16.1.

In the past, it has been claimed that the resolution of these mobile phones is too low, which has led to raised eyebrows around the world.

Sharp version of IOS 16.1 will be released sometime in October.

Update (2022-09-05):

According to Macrumors, the classic battery indicator where the percentage is displayed next to a bar may return in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With the current “tall pen” being replaced by a pill-shaped camera hole, there is room for both percentage and bar.

This is what it might look like:

In the regular model of the iPhone 14, the flap is believed to remain, so there will be talk of the new solution, which you can read more about below.

Previously (2022-08-16):

One of the novelties in the latest beta versions of IOS 16 is that Apple has made it possible to display the remaining battery life in percentage even on devices with a so-called flap.

In the sixth beta version that was released on Monday, Apple has removed the link between the battery percentage and the power saving mode, something that was first noticed by Macrumors.

Battery percentage

Although Apple has now addressed one of the complaints against the feature, there are still a lot of critical points to consider.

Currently, it is transparent numbers against a solid color background as long as more than 20 percent remains. If it is less than that, the numbers change color at the same time as the background becomes transparent, in addition a red bar is displayed just in case.

One of the many who reacted to the lame logic is Mikael Johansson, who published three alternative solutions on Twitter:

Another complaint is that the percentage is not displayed on some devices, including the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini. The reason is said to be that the resolution is too low, which not everyone agrees with.

There are also critics who do not want to see any numbers at all, but those who want can, as I said, remove the percentage in the settings.

How it will look in the sharp version of IOS 16 remains to be seen.