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After a night of partying, an official in Japan lost a USB with the data of 400,000 inhabitants

Fortunately, the USB appeared (Photo: Pixabay)
Fortunately, the USB appeared (Photo: Pixabay)

This week saw an overwhelming day of work. A man decided to go to a party carrying work items with him, such as a USB with the data of the inhabitants of the city where he lives, Amagasaki, northeast of Osaka, Japan, and he did not measure the consequences of losing thousands of data.

According to the Vice media outlet, the official whose name has not been revealed, at the end of the working day, entered a bar where he drank more than necessary and woke up “lying on the street and drenched in water.”

However, the hangover or the hangover was removed when he realized that he did not have the USB from his work.

It turns out that the protagonist of this story, with the intention of continuing to work outside his office on his personal computer, took the flash drive with the names, surnames, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, without permission from the organization he works for. bank accounts and tax information 465,177 people living in the Amagasaki area.

All this happened to the man who worked for the company BIPROGY, which was contracted by the city government to collect and process data on households and families that met the requirements to be exempt from paying taxes.

The surprise was for the government officials when they found out through a complaint made by the company to a police station, that the data they had delivered under a confidentiality agreement between both parties, was missing and without any trace of its identity. whereabouts.

After this fact, the municipal administration was obliged to publish a press release apologizing to all city residents and those affected by what happened.

However, these public and written apologies did not calm the spirits of some inhabitants, since a total of 30,000 people called the city offices in anger and in the midst of a nervous breakdown to express their concern about what had happened.

And quite rightly, if these data, which are not few, fell into the wrong hands, the entire city could be facing different cybercrimes such as scams, bank account thefts or identity theft to continue stealing sensitive information from other people, practice which is also known as “phishing”.

Fortunately, however, the particular situation did not end in tragedy, as it should be remembered that Japan is one of the safest societies in the world.

Still with mental gaps, the BIPROGY employee managed to remember some of the places where he had walked while drunk, and indeed in front of a building the subject’s briefcase was found, right in the same place where he left it and with the USB drive.

In any case, after the happy ending of this story, the city government reported that the USB had a security system that encrypts the information contained so that it would not be easy to access it. They also indicated that there was no evidence of attempts to violate the security barriers of memory.

BIPROGY is a company in the computer services sector that has been working with different organizations and municipal administrations in the country of the rising sun for more than 60 years. So now they will have the difficult task of recovering their credibility and reputation.

The company has assured that “it will provide comprehensive education and guidance to all officers, employees and affiliated companies.”

Neverthelessthe question remains as to whether this carelessness of the employee could be another case of work overload, a latent problem in several Asian countries.


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