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Advanced data protection is rolled out globally with IOS 16.3

Advanced data protection is rolled out globally with IOS 16.3

Update (2023-01-19):

Next week, IOS 16.3 will be released in a sharp version after a period of beta testing.

Now it is clear that one of the news will be the security function Advanced data protection rolled out globally.

Previously, the function was only available to US users, but now it also comes to our part of the world.

If you want to know more about Advanced data protection, just scroll down.

Previously (2022-12-08):

The latest iOS 16.2 beta includes a new iCloud option for US users. Apple calls it Advanced Data Protection and it’s about something very long-awaited: End-to-end encryption of almost all data uploaded to iCloud.

With the feature enabled, the only iCloud components that aren’t encrypted with keys that only exist on your devices are email, contacts, and calendars. Everything else is protected, including backups, iCloud Drive and photos. Apple then has no way of helping either yourself or the authorities to access any of this content.

To begin with, the function will be released in the United States, but will be rolled out to the rest of the world after the New Year. Since Apple will no longer be able to assist with recovery if users lose access to their devices, they are guided to set up a recovery key and/or a recovery contact, and Advanced Data Protection must be manually enabled.

The lack of full-length encryption on iCloud backups, which also includes otherwise full-length encrypted Imessage messages, has long been criticized by security experts and activists. With the new feature, Apple finally closes that gap and those who care about maximum security no longer have to stick to computer backups.

In addition to this feature, Apple introduces two other security innovations. You’ll soon be able to use physical security keys like the Yubikey to protect Apple ID accounts, and extra vulnerable people can enable key verification for contacts. The latter means that Messages can alert if a new device has been added to a contact’s account and can read messages.

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