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Adam Sandler: the actor’s 7 best movies to watch

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Listing the best Adam Sandler movies is a difficult task. After all, the actor is a reference in romantic comedy productions and feature films of dubious quality, even though he has conquered a space of respect in drama today.

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With a meticulous analysis of the specialized critics and the public opinion, the My Series prepared a list of the 7 best Adam Sandler movies for you to marathon!

Whether for the quality of acting, affective memory or the level of laughter, the feature films in the relationship can please anyone who follows Sandler’s work. Check the list and press play!

7. Click

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

Click is one of the greatest classics of Adam Sandler in Brazil. Having been broadcast on free-to-air TV for many years, the film has become popular and has touched viewers with its message about seizing the present before it’s too late.

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For general critics, Click was not very well seen. On Rotten Tomatoes, an audiovisual evaluation platform, the film has only 33% approval for film experts, but is acclaimed by the public with 66%.

  • Where to watch on streaming: Netflix, HBO Max, Star+ and Paramount+.

6. Like It’s the First Time

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler deliver an unparalleled dynamic whenever they are together. In As if it were the first timethey play a couple who are willing to stay together, even when Lucy, played by Barrymore, keeps forgetting about Henry, Sandler’s character.

There’s nothing more romantic than falling in love for the first time with the same person over and over again, right? The premise ended up helping the film win the hearts of many Brazilians.

  • Where to watch on streaming: Paramount+ and Claro TV+.

5. Uncut Gems

(Source: A24/Disclosure)(Source: A24/Disclosure)Source: A24

Who says Adam Sandler only knows how to do comedy? In Uncut Gems, he gives life to Howard, a debt-ridden man who owns a jewelry store and has a gambling addiction. He finds an auction the perfect opportunity to solve his problems, but the chaos around him, much of it caused by him, prevents him in several ways.

Sandler shows the character’s emotions from the beginning of the film and the distress he feels with his own life. At the time of the film’s release, fans even campaigned for the actor to compete for an Oscar.

  • Where to watch on streaming: Netflix.

4. Reign Over Me

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

the public loves reign over me, as the review on Rotten Tomatoes implies. The film has an approval rating of 81%, which is considered very high. In the plot, Adam gives life to another character focused on drama, but this time the reunion with an old college friend seems to be a possible solution for his life to become lighter.

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In addition to Sandler, the cast of reign over me it also features Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine in the Marvel movies, and Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith.

  • Where to watch on streaming: HBO Max and Paramount+.

3. Lie Wife

(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)(Source: Columbia/Disclosure)Source: Columbia

Adam Sandler + Jennifer Aniston = perfect chemistry. See our eternal Rachel, from Friendsshining in such a satisfying romantic comedy is a delight.

In the plot, Sandler falls in love with a woman and decides that, to conquer her, he will invent a great story: he pretends that Katherine, played by Aniston, is his wife and that they will soon separate. She agrees to participate in the pretense, but we already know how fake relationships tend to end, right?

  • Where to watch on streaming: Netflix, Star+ and HBO Max.

2. Throwing High

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

In an original Netflix production, Adam Sandler stars in a sports movie focused on basketball. He gives life to an unlucky scout, who doesn’t make bets that bring results, but who finally believes he has found the player capable of changing his life – and his mission is to show the world that this time he is right.

The production performed well and is praised for engaging with viewers. The feature had a very positive reception from critics and the public, even raising the possibility of the actor going to the Oscar (which did not happen).

  • Where to watch on streaming: Netflix.

1. Tuned in Love

(Source: Warner/Disclosure)(Source: Warner/Disclosure)Source: Warner

For those who loved the collaboration between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore on As if it were the first timeis the recommendation to watch Tuned in Love also, where the unbeatable duo is together.

The film is perfect for anyone who loves music and believes in soul mates. In it, both characters are scheduled to marry other people, but realize that there is something between them that keeps them enchanted.

Fate does its job and frees them from their respective spouses, leaving the way clear for them to try something new with each other. One of those movies to laugh and cry at the end with a warm heart.

  • Where to watch on streaming: HBO Max.

So, did you like the Minha Série list? Tell us on TecMundo’s social networks which is your favorite (or most hated) movie by actor Adam Sandler!

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