Home Entertainment Actor Jim Brown (‘The Dirty Dozen’) dies at 87

Actor Jim Brown (‘The Dirty Dozen’) dies at 87

Actor Jim Brown ('The Dirty Dozen') dies at 87

This Thursday he passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 87. Jim Brown, football legend and Hollywood star for decades; This was revealed by his wife Monique to the media. Apart from his numerous contributions to the cinema, Brown played for nine seasons in the cleveland browns and broke several records for the nflbeing named by Sports News arrived in 2002 as the best professional soccer player in history. Brown stood out as an athlete in the mid-50s, coinciding with the civil rights movement in the US, and given his fame he became one of his cultural banners.

Jim Brown was a gifted athleteone of the most dominant players to ever step foot on a track field, but also a cultural figure that promoted change,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “During his nine-year NFL career, which coincided with the civil rights movement in our country, he became a precursor and model of athletes involved in social initiatives outside of their sport. He inspired other athletes to make a difference, especially in the communities in which they lived.”

In film, too, he was a pioneer, as one of the first African-American stars to major in action against contemporaries like sidney poitier either Sammy Davis Jr.. His first role, of great importance because of the confidence he inspired, occurred in the western Conchos River. It was 1964, and three years later Brown was part of the wide cast of gallows twelve of robert aldrich. This film established him, and between the late 60s and 80s he was a first-rate actor.

In 1968 he was the protagonist of The cast and a year later he took part both in the western 100 rifles next to burt reynolds and raquel welch like in polar station zerowith Rock Hudson. In 1970 he coincided with lee van cleef in The Condor (he would do it again seven years later, in bloody revenge), and maintained the influx of projects within the framework of the blaxploitation. After intervening in melody for a murderthe 80s brought him several projects for television, although he was able to act as a villain in the dystopian Pursuedwith Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also starred in the parody of the blaxploitation I’m coming for you.

When the 90s arrived, he was seen in Mars Attacks! of Tim Burton, playing a former heavyweight champion who worked in a casino. He later had a role in A bad play of spike lee (filmmaker who would dedicate a documentary to him, and would require his services again in She hates me), and Oliver Stone recruited him for his monumental portrait of the world of American football any given sunday.

In 1999 Brown spent several months in prison for vandalizing his wife’s car with a shovel. Throughout his life he was accused of various crimes of assault and rape, all of them being dismissed in most of him.

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