Actor and comedian Pat Cooper (‘Seinfeld’, ‘Dangerous Therapy’) dies at 93

Pat Cooper, the actor and comedian known for his appearance in Seinfeld and the two deliveries of A dangerous therapy He has died in Las Vegas at the age of 93, as announced by his wife (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Although little known internationally, Cooper was famous in the US thanks to the aggressive style of his monologues, and also for showing off his Italian-American roots. Not in vain one of his most successful albums was titled Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights (“Spaghetti sauce and other delights”).

Born in the New York neighborhood of Red Hook under the name of Pasquale Caputo, In a family with no sympathy for his vocation (“If you didn’t sing opera, you were nobody,” he recalled in his memoirs), Cooper worked as a dockworker and amateur comedian until he was drafted to fight in World War II. After returning from the front, he caught the attention of the manager Willie Webber, who launched him to fame by getting him a performance on the show Jackie Gleason.

In this way, the comedian went from animating evenings in small-time clubs to opening for Frank Sinatra in the casino Sands from Las Vegas. He also shared a table with celebrities like Joe DiMaggio and Rocky Marciano (in his opinion, some freeloaders who endorsed the account of his binges) and fell out with the famous presenter Johnny Carson when he, drunk as hell, splashed urine on him in the toilets of a nightclub.

His audiovisual career led him to appear as a guest star in shows such as Charlie’s Angels, Los Angeles law and especially Seinfeld, where we saw him giving free rein to his bile in the friars club from New York. On the big screen, her most important role was that of Masiello, he consigliere of the gangster robert deniro in a dangerous therapy and A dangerous therapy: total relapse.

However, Cooper had the stomach to say no to the very Martin Scorsese when he offered her a role in casino with DeNiro Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. The role in question, he claimed, was too short for a performer of his prestige.

Cooper leaves two children from his first marriage, who often reproached him for having abandoned them in their childhood, an adopted daughter with patty prince his second wife, and five grandchildren.

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