Action watcher: Yettel is giving away a Bluetooth headset with the Honor 70

The manufacturer presented the Honor 70 at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, which is already available here in more and more places, and has also been included in the offers of service providers, among others. At Yettel, the device is available in emerald green color, which offers a 120 Hz display, a 54 megapixel main camera based on a Sony IMX800 sensor, 66 watt lightning charging and a 4800 mAh battery, and of course also a data communication arsenal equipped with 5G.


We already had a thorough description of the free Earbuds 2 Lite, it is a particularly good device in its category. As usual, the price of the Honor 70 depends on the selected tariff, the service provider offers it for HUF 103,990 in addition to the Yettel Prime Max package, if you choose a top-up card plan, the product can be added to the cart for HUF 219,989, which includes a free headset until September 22 too. Further details and ordering can be found here.

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