Action monitor: Cheap scooter for short, urban use

It seems that the general increase in the price of electronic products is not avoiding scooters either (it is enough to think of the Xiaomi product presented at the Barcelona exhibition, which scratches the price of half a million here), but at the same time, the scissors are starting to open up for the most affordable “last mile” and it can even be used for commuting, between serious machines. Tomtop has now announced a promotion for a light, easy-to-pick-up scooter designed for short distances that falls under the former category.

The price of the product called E9N is SPE9N with a coupon code, it can be reduced to 153 euros, which means a total of less than HUF 60,000, and this includes the cost of delivery from the European warehouse. This is an entry-level scooter, which means that its power is 180 watts, which allows it to reach a top speed of 18 km/h, and the range is set by the manufacturer at 10 kilometers. However, the entire device does not weigh a total of 8 kilograms, the steering wheel height is adjustable, and when folded, it can fit in a very small space, because the steering horns can also be folded down.

The IP54 rating also guarantees driving in a wet environment, we will certainly not get a defect, because the front, 8-inch, and the rear, 6.5-inch wheels are solid. The E9N will not offer special suspension comfort, but it can be fully charged in just 4 hours. At the same time, it is only equipped with an electronic brake, it does not have lighting from the factory, we do not get a display and on-board system, so you have to handle the product on the spot, this really serves to easily take it on public transport, and then to replace the few kilometers of walking from the stop to the destination, or you can get it from the trunk of the car so that you don’t have to walk the dog for a long time, if you can only park further away.

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