Action monitor: Battery for Valentine’s Day? Bluetti offers discounts on sets

We have already tested Bluetooth batteries and a solar panel. Although we only tried two models from the company’s rather wide portfolio, our experience was positive, so it might be worth checking out the manufacturer’s promotions for Valentine’s Day. Starting with the smallest model, the company offers the entry-level PV68 foldable solar panel together with the EB3A portable battery with a capacity of 268 Wh, so this set costs 448 euros, which means a discount of 30 euros. By the way, the price of the largest PV350 panel with a power of 350 watts has also been reduced by 50 euros, so it now costs 849 euros.


Double discounts are more valid for more serious machines. Together, the AC200 Max inverter and the B300 battery that can be connected to it offer a capacity of 5120 Wh and a total output of 2200 Watts. The package is available at a price of 4,498 euros as part of the promotion. If the built-in 2,048 Wh capacity of the AC200 Max is enough, it can also be paired with a PV350 solar cell, so the price comes to 2,748 euros.


The most serious equipment in the current sale is the sweet trio of the AC500 inverter and two B300S type extra batteries, which means a total capacity of 6144 Wh and a maximum power of 5000 Watts, this package represents 8698 euros, but here it already has a four-year warranty and more than 3500 we can also talk about the charging cycle, as well as the battery pack that can be further expanded later on if needed. Discounted prices are valid until February 20, the products are delivered from Bluetti’s warehouse in Germany.

In addition to all this, the manufacturer also announced a prize draw, they are waiting for pictures and SMS messages related to love, which can then be liked, and the uploaders of the photos and texts with the most likes will win EB3A and a solar panel. Details here.

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