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Achievement unlocked: flavors can now be tasted in Augmented Reality

In a new experiencenow it is possible that within the Augmented reality (ARfor its acronym in English) taste new flavors. As if it were a scene from science fiction, the New Zealand company and world leader in honey from ManukaComvita, has achieved combine technology with a sense of taste.


Technology continues to experiment with new ways of couple real life with virtuality. Until now, AR viewers focused on seeing and hearing fictional elements, however, they are now expanding the possibilities with a sense of taste.

During Expo 2020 in Dubai, Comvita presented its AR show, where it transports the user to a dark enchanted forest, lost in the middle of the world to taste honey. The project promises to “establish a new standard of food marketing and education for the consumer”.


This experience plays with the senses of sight and hearing, to later use them as support so that the user identify and understand the complexity of the flavors of Mānuka honey New Zealand, which is a world leader in the field.

It should be noted that this type of honey is pure from the native forest, is recognized worldwide for its health benefits and sustainable origins.

How is the experience


The magic that combines technology with the senses begins when each user sits in front of a tray with two samples of honey, a tasting spoon and a glass of sparkling water to cleanse the palate.

Each participant wears a HoloLens 2 headset for the AR experience. When everyone is ready, the lights go out and the presentation begins. The first thing they see is a life size beehive hanging from a tree New Zealand native punga appearing from the darkness.

Later appears a 3d virtual beekeeper and guides them through a primitive environment, identical to the place where honey is collected. “A swarm of bees buzzes around the room looking for indigenous Mānuka bushes with tiny, delicate pink and white flowers filled with nectar.”


Once users are Entered the environment of the virtual forest, the tasting begins. According to Microsoft, the accents of each honey’s profile “float” among all the guests, to help them identify the flavors, among which are apricot, caramel, marshmallow, etc.

The creators of the experience added a trail of sparkles in the air, which appears every time the tasting spoon is dipped into a jar of honey, as if it were a magic wand. The show was made between Comvita HoloLens was organized by the New Zealand design agency, Blur the Lines.

Intent of the experience

Founder and creative director, Danielle Barclay, noted that “an emotional experience” was created that connects with the minds and taste buds of the participants.

Previously, Comvita and Blur the Lines built a multi-sensory honey tasting center, called the “Wellness Lab”, in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

“That space was designed to emulate the purity of the product: all white textures to let the honey shine, with an undulating acoustic ceiling. We had to incorporate three projectors, surround sound speakers, radiant heaters, sprinklers, air conditioning and lighting,” said Barclay.


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