According to this study, iOS users drive worse than Android users

If you use an Android-based smartphone, you would be a better driver than those who use an iPhone. This is suggested by a study by Jerry’s, which provides a car insurance comparison service in the US.

In order to arrive at this conclusion, Jerry analyzed the driving behavior of 20,000 drivers during a total of 13 million kilometers of driving, during a period of 14 days.

Android users had a good score everywhere

As part of this study, Jerry analyzed six parameters: average score, distraction, speed, turns, acceleration, and braking. And on all parameters observed, Android users had a better score compared to those using an iPhone.

The largest gap was observed on distraction, suggesting that iPhone users use their smartphones while driving significantly more than Android users. Jerry also noticed that Android operating system users scored higher regardless of other parameters such as age, gender, marital status, education or even credit score.

“Aside from preferred smartphone operating systems, older people who are married, homeowners, who live in the Midwest, have a bachelor’s degree or more advanced degrees and higher credit scores had the highest scores. high overall. This was also true for Android and iOS users separately”says Jerry’s post.

But according to the results of this study, Android users without a high school diploma performed better than iPhone enthusiasts with a degree. And Android users in the lowest credit score bracket would have overtaken iPhone users in the highest bracket.

” […] Android users outperformed each time, often in ways that went against the factors driving higher scores overall. Single Android users, for example, beat married iPhone users, and non-owners using Android beat iPhone owners, and so on”we read in the publication.

A question of personality?

The study does not really explain these results. But for Jerry, it is possible that it has to do with the difference between the personalities of Android users and those of iOS users.

Indeed, the company points to other studies suggesting that Android users are more conscientious people. These also suggest that Android fans would also be more honest and less likely to break the rules.

“iPhone users, on the other hand, showed higher levels of emotionality, meaning they are less consistent and predictable in their behavior. Perhaps this translates to faster acceleration, braking, cornering and speeds – all behaviors that would lower a person’s score”explains Jerry (on the other hand, another study showed that Apple customers are more likely on dating sites).

You may not believe the results of this study, but in any case, know that in France, the fact that people use their smartphones while driving (whether they use an iPhone or an Android smartphone) is a real problem.

In April, the 18th AXA Prevention’s barometer showed that 8 out of 10 motorists use their smartphones while driving. Compared to 2021, the increase is 11 points since in 2020, the barometer indicated that 7 out of 10 motorists used their smartphones while driving.

52% of smartphone users while driving would make calls, while 45% use their mobiles to configure the GPS. There were also 34% of respondents who explained that they read or send messages.

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