“Absurd and silly”: Pedro Sola reacted against Gabo Cuevas

“Uncle Pedrito” launched himself against the journalist from Venga la alegría (Photo: Instagram/@tiopedritosola/@gabocuevasc)

The reporter Gabo Cuevas was one of the most controversial participants in the third season of the reality show Survivor Mexicowhere he had quarrels with some participants in the weeks that he remained a contender.

This was the second time that the journalist was part of the survival program of Aztec TVwhere his personality was questioned and his strategies to obtain victory have given rise to talk.

Although he came to the program with all the mentality to obtain success in this edition as part of the Jaguares team, his attitude that was pointed out as conflictive towards the rest of his classmates it led to him earning the enmity of some of them, causing him to be out of the competition.

Cuevas was singled out on different occasions for his personality "amarranavajas" (Photos: Screenshot @survivormexico)
Cuevas was singled out on different occasions for his personality “amarranavajas” (Photos: Screenshot @survivormexico)

After his departure from the program, the reporter returned to work as part of the team of journalists come the joywhere the one who has been her boss for years, Flor Rubio, heads the “show zone” of the morning.

As part of Gabo Cuevas’ activities, the reporter attended the recently paid tribute to Silvia Pinalcarried out in the monumental Palace of Fine Arts, which was attended by various personalities from the entertainment world.

It was on the red carpet of the event organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, where Cuevas met Susana Zabaletato whom he asked a question “with jiribilla”.

The reporter has worked with Flor Rubio for years (Photo: Instagram/@survivormexico)
The reporter has worked with Flor Rubio for years (Photo: Instagram/@survivormexico)

“Zabaleta, this place is very special and sometimes they refuse to pay tributes,” said the journalist, to which the singer replied: “Especially if you’ve already sung here…”, alluding to the fact that she has had the privilege of performing on stage of the most important cultural venue in the country.

“But not all of them can set foot in Fine Arts…”, expressed Cuevas; “Hopefully, you need to study,” replied the also actress. After that, the reporter asked him: “Do you see a Ninel Conde in Fine Arts?”to which Zabaleta replied with a resounding “Oh, shut up, dog”ending the brief conversation.

Gabo Cuevas’ scathing question had to do with the criticism he has received the killer hottie throughout his career, his vocal talent has been questioned by various celebrities like Niurka Marcos and Lorena Herrera.

Zabaleta’s response caused controversy, as many social network users agreed that it was a good way to stop the attack that allegedly the reporter of come the joy he sought to generate by ridiculing Ninel, and the possible confrontation that it would provoke with Zabaleta.

This brief interview was posted on the magazine’s morning show Twitter account, where netizens expressed their opinion.

“Only Gabo Cuevas can ask such stupid questions, you are a shame as a journalist”, “Hahaha, congratulations Susana Zabaleta for having silenced the hateful Gabo”, “Poor dogs, dogs are beautiful and intelligent. They do not deserve to be compared to Gabriel Cuevas. And Flor there attacked with laughter ”,“ Let’s see if he learns to be a true reporter and not a razor-sharp ”and“ There are reporters who only seek to make controversies between celebrities ”, were some of the comments.

However, the opinion that attracted the most attention in response to the tweet was that of Peter Alone. “What a silly question!” wrote the user @Chiomaldonado, to which Uncle Pedro seconded:

“Absurd and silly, friend. There are some very dumb reporters.”wrote the driver of windowingwhich was applauded by some users.

“Oh, Uncle Pedro. That reporter uses it perfectly Flor, because it is the source of it, if he had been from another medium, he would finish it. In short, the hypocrisy”, and “Now tell Pati Chapoy to run it, please. The subject is disastrous ”, were some of the reactions in response to his tweet.

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