“A Winter’s Tale”: a title with Colin Farrell, Will Smith and Russell Crowe newcomer to HBO Max

A fantasy story about a thief, a dying girl, and a flying white horse. It is set in the 19th century and today. (Warner Bros.)

Set in New York and adapted into the successful 1983 novel of the same name, Mark Helprin, a winter tale (Winter’s Tale) focuses on miracles, crossed destinies, and an old battle between good and evil to be resolved. The feature film led to Akiva Goldsmannknown for his great adaptations in popular novels (An amazing mind), to debut as a producer. It is starring Colin Farrell (Meeting Mr. Banks), Jessica Brown Findlay (from the TV series downton abbey), the winner of an Oscar Russell Crowe (Gladiator); supporting roles go to Will Smith Y Jennifer Connelly.

hbo max describes the film as a timeless supernatural fantasy and in its synopsis it says that the American production is “set in the mythical city of New York, spanning more than a century, Collin Farrell is Peter Lake, an Irish thief at the turn of the century who finds a terminally ill heiress while robbing her house. Falling hopelessly in love with her, her only option is to figure out a way to stop time and bring her back from the dead.”

Tormented, Peter searches for a way to save his love over time, while facing forces of darkness. What Peter needs is a miracle, but only time will tell if he can get his.

"A Winter
“A Winter’s Tale” is a Warner Bros. Pictures Production (Warner Bros.)

About the novel

a winter tale is a 1983 magical realism novel written by Mark Helprin. It unfolds in a mythical New York City, marked differently from reality, and in an Edwardian industrial period, close to the turn of the 20th century.

"A Winter
“A Winter’s Tale” stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay. (Warner Bros.)

Their official trailer shows us that while Peter enters a house in order to rob, he meets a young woman playing the piano. She then realizes that he has a gun and tells him about it, to which he cynically replies “I was robbing the house.” However, in the same cynical tone she asks him if she still intends to do it, but he replies with a negative. To which she concludes, “Well, I suppose it would be polite to offer you a cup of tea.” It was that the first and captive meeting of him.

a winter tale is a fantasy, drama and romance film that includes time travel; produced in 2014; title that ROOM Max commissioned to add to your catalog this June.

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