A Very Lucky Girl: Meet the movie that has been successful on Netflix

The film A very lucky girl, starring Mila Kunis, has been in Netflix’s Top 10 since it hit streaming last Friday (7). The production mixes psychological suspense, drama and very delicate subjects, such as sexual abuse.

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But what is the plot of the film? A very lucky girl follows Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis), a successful woman who apparently has everything she wants: a great job, an equally successful fiancé who loves her, and a pretty comfortable lifestyle in downtown New York.

But everything changes when she is invited to participate in a documentary about a serious situation she was involved in when she was in high school.

The cast includes Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story), Connie Britton (The White Lotus), Jennifer Beals (flashdance) and Justine Lupe (Succession).

Check out the trailer:

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Based on a true story

Directed by Mike Barker (cornered and counterfeit) and the screenplay by Jessica Knoll, author of the eponymous book that inspired the film. In an open letter, Knoll said the plot is inspired by an abusive situation the author went through as a teenager.

“The first person to tell me I was gang-raped was a therapist seven years after the fact. The second was my literary agent five years later, only she wasn’t talking about me. She was talking about Ani, the protagonist of my novel, A very lucky girl, which is a work of fiction. What I kept to myself, until today, is that his inspiration is not.”

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