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A translator that warns why a baby is crying

A translator that warns why a baby is crying
This device allows you to know the reasons why a child is crying in real time.

No matter how long a father has been with his son, he will never get to know him and crying can mean a thousand things. A company thought of that and the CES 2023 they presented a translator indicating what the baby would be needing at that time.

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q-bear is the name of this device, which can be hung on the rails of the crib or in the car to hear the crying of the child and through a speaker to indicate to the parents what is happening.

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Baby Cry Translation

This tool uses patented technology and learns thanks to its artificial intelligenceso they suggest that the more it is used, the more data will be collected and the results will be more accurate.

The device is capable of analyzing four situations in which the baby would be crying: hunger, dirty diaper, sleepiness and discomfort. The translation takes 10 seconds and parents are alerted with a notification on the mobile device.

In addition to telling what the child is feeling at that moment, the product can record details of the child’s health, detect how sleepy or comfortable they are, and play relaxing music.

For example, him Q Bear You have the option of playing a lullaby or the sound you would hear in the womb, which is very similar to white noise. Parents can also upload an audio book or songs with their own voices there so that the child can identify them and calm down more easily.

The device will be able to tell parents if the child needs food, sleep or a diaper change

Other of its features is that users have the possibility of uploading the inventory of diapers they have, this will allow them to follow up from the application to send a notification in case that is the need that the baby requires.

The device is compatible with Alexa, Therefore, he has the option of interacting to expand his possibilities of help and to have greater control over the growth of the child to provide him with the necessary attention, since during the first year the communication between him and his parents will be done basically through crying. .

The data is stored by the application to improve the performance of artificial intelligence and complement the work of the parents, but as it is the personal data of a minor, care must always be taken with access to this information so as not to take risks.

It is also important to keep in mind that the device only alerts four specific situations and that a baby may be crying for many more reasons, such as a health problem, a blow, or because they simply want someone’s attention.

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This device allows you to know the reasons why a child is crying in real time.
This device allows you to know the reasons why a child is crying in real time.

Previews of CES 2023 for children

A metaverse-oriented educational tool was shown off at the event in Las Vegas. Who designed Roybyan educational robot with artificial intelligence that helps children learn about STEM subjects and new languages, developed a library in the digital universe.

The project name is RoybiVerse and will offer stations for children to enter and learn about different topics, for example visit the section on dinosaurs, take a book and read it.

This technology will be available for virtual reality headsets and on a web page in the second part of 2023.

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