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A sliding dual-screen iPhone 14, can you believe it?

While the first rumors about the design of the iPhone 14 have started to spread on the Web for a few weeks, some creatives prefer to take the height and start to imagine ambitious concepts.

We owe the concept of the day to the YouTube channel iPhone Concepts, which has already tried to imagine a rendering of the next iPhone 14, visibly relying on the elements that have filtered through different leakers, Kuo and Jon Prosser in the lead.


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A16 chip, Face ID in a punch, Touch ID under the screen

The channel has therefore released a new video that is quite well done that shows the contours of this futuristic vision of the next iPhone. It is therefore powered by an A16 chip, hides its Face ID module in a tiny punch, and reintroduces Touch ID under the iPhone screen. The camera module benefits from a completely flat design. Fun fact, the AirPower fire is in the game and shows up in the video!

The design takes the curved edges of the iPhone 11 to better introduce the main novelty of this concept: an impressive dual screen that is revealed by sliding the first panel. This second screen would be used to write messages (like the very first smartphones), reveal controls for mobile games or display additional information in the system or third-party applications.

Apple rather towards a folding iPhone

Of course, this concept does not rely on anything tangible to complete its idea. Some will find it great and ambitious, others will see the sliding screen as a relic from another time.

It is interesting to note the choice of the designer, who preferred to deck out his iPhone 14 concept with this dual-screen, rather than imagine what a folding iPhone would look like.


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