“A Perfect Mother”, the Netflix thriller about a woman’s strong convictions about her daughter

A mother convinced of her daughter’s innocence begins to discover disturbing truths as the line between victim and executioner blurs. (Netflix)

a perfect mother is a Belgian miniseries of drama and intrigue with only four episodes in its first season and is known as an adaptation of the novel by Nina Darton, The Perfect Motherpublished in Spanish as Call at midnight.

In a perfect mother we find as protagonists Hélène Berg (the mother), Anya (Hélène’s daughter) and Vincent (Anya’s lawyer). What is it about? It all started one night when Anya went out for drinks, but everything got out of control when she met a guy named Damien Carnau, who after dancing with her and getting to know each other a little, convinced her to go home together. It was there that a tragedy occurred that begins this story, since, while she was with him, the young man was murdered.

Julie Gayet and Eden Ducourant in "A Perfect Mother."  (Netflix)
Julie Gayet and Eden Ducourant in “A Perfect Mother.” (Netflix)

The next day, from a police station, Anya calls her mother to tell her that she is in custody and is being charged with murder. Immediately, her mother takes a flight to Paris to see her daughter. Anya’s first version is that she would have a sexual encounter with Damien, the night his dealer arrived and they had an argument; moment in which she went to the bathroom on Damien’s recommendation, but when he came out, the young man was already lifeless.

While Anya is telling the story to the police, her mother arrives upset, wanting to see her. However, it was not possible for her, in addition to the fact that she was recommended to get a lawyer. That is why Hélène looks for Vincent, an old friend, now a lawyer. When Anya meets her mother, she tells her the same story; however, from the investigations, Anya’s story begins to have inconsistencies.

Eden Ducourant is Anya in "A Perfect Mother."  (Netflix)
Eden Ducourant is Anya in “A Perfect Mother.” (Netflix)

to the story of a perfect mother more are added doubts about what happened the night of the crimealso appearing other unexpected involved, among them Damien’s sister. From this Hélène begins to get confused without finding a way out or what to think.

In this story we will see a mother fighting against the tide to defend and prove the innocence of her daughter, a woman to whom life is showing that confusing the limits between victim and victimizers, which are usually divided by an almost invisible line, can reach to cause much confusion, in addition to creating disappointments.

Julie Gayet is Hélène Berg and Tomer Sisley is Vincent in "A Perfect Mother."  (Netflix)
Julie Gayet is Hélène Berg and Tomer Sisley is Vincent in “A Perfect Mother.” (Netflix)

The main cast consists of julie gayet, Tom Sisley, eden ducourant, Andreas Pietschman, Cyril Guei Y Sylvain Dieuaide; among others. Directed by Frederic Garsonwith a dash of Thomas Boulle Y Carol Noble.

a perfect mother is an original drama from 2021, however it landed in Netflix (platform that is popularizing it) on June 3 and is a co-production between companies from Belgium, Germany and France.

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