‘A long journey’: the story of a mother and son who meet again on the edge of Madrid

The outskirts of Madrid are not like those of Orlando, United States, but here and there stories about second chances are forged. The debutante Victor Nores wanted to focus on A long trip in which they give themselves a mother (Elisabet Gelabert) and a son (Christian Czech) from a dramatic twist: they barely have any money, they have been left without an apartment and they end up in a motorhome while they see how they can get out of it.

Despite its premise, A long trip It does not talk about second chances from an economic perspective, but rather delves into the one that Violeta and Samuel give each other to strengthen the ties of affection again. The film, which won the highest recognition at the 32nd edition of the Madrid Film Festival. New Directors Platform (PNR), arrives This Friday, November 10, in movie theaters.

“I was interested in portraying that type of family that never makes ends meet, that belongs to a disappearing social class, because now the rich are richer and there are more inequalities,” explains the director about the reasons behind his debut feature. .

“In the building where the film begins, families, let’s say, wealthier ones live together and then there are Violeta and Samuel, who don’t even have enough to decorate the house,” adds Nores about the physical and emotional setting from which it starts. A long trip.

A road trip “that never becomes a road trip”

From there, from that building that could be the neighborhood patio of any neighborhood in Spain, Violeta and Samuel, mother and son, embark on a trip in a motorhome that the protagonist’s sister has lent them, and that “looks like a road trip but it never becomes a road trip,” advances the filmmaker.

Circling the outskirts of Madrid, the trip “dissolves and they are constantly losing everything,” continues the director and screenwriter. It is then, “when they are lost, that they begin to discover each other.”

The protagonists of ‘A Long Journey’, in a snapshot from the film.
The Eternal Dream Pictures

To give life and strength to this family duo, whose dramatic arc goes from anger to absurdity, to jokes, affection and mischief, Nores has counted on the experience of Gelabert and the freshness of Checa, in a role prior to On the marginsthe movie of Juan Diego Botto which, coincidentally, works on a similar theme.

“They look like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, but with a Madrid accent,” jokes Nores, and immediately praises her: “Elisabet is a torrent, a bestiality on screen. From the perspective of a new director, he imposed a lot on me and I am extremely proud of how well both of them work,” he comments about the protagonists of A long trip.

With references from American cinema such as Nomadlandof Chloe Zhao, Nebraskaof Alexander Payneor the acidic and tender films of Todd Solondz, A long trip He balances between crudeness and tenderness in his portrait of these people with one foot in poverty, although it may not seem like it: “Poor people can wear gold rings and try to look like they are not. I think it is clear in the film,” concludes the director.

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