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A letter from Steve Jobs and the first Apple laptop, up for auction for more than $30,000

A letter from Steve Jobs and the first Apple laptop, up for auction for more than $30,000
Apple’s product auction also features prototypes of other company products, such as the first Apple-made laptop. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo/File Photo

the articles of Manzana During the first years of the company’s creation, they are the most desired objects on the part of collectors business or technology fanatics. That is why when some of them are auctioned, they come to have high prices and still generate the attention of buyers from all over the world.

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A few months ago a iphone of the first generation in its original packaging at more than 39,000 dollars, a functional model of the Apple-1 for approximately $375,500 and even the sandals worn by the former CEO of the company, Steve Jobs.

the auction house Sotheby’s also has some Apple products that might interest collectors, some even got signed by Steve Jobs Many years ago. These will be available to try to purchase until Tuesday.

Apple sales letter signed by Steve Jobs

The most important item in the lota collection that is available to the public is a letter of Steve Jobs to Dave Kominiak from more than 45 years ago because it has a date of 1976. The document, which presents a proposal to sell a computer Apple-1 The original is also accompanied by an operations manual for the device and Jobs’s signature at the bottom right of one of the pages.

Apple sales letter signed by Steve Jobs.  (Sotherby's)
Apple sales letter signed by Steve Jobs. (Sotherby’s)

According to the description of lot 45, as this product is known in the auction organized online, this document is “one of the earliest letters to be signed by Steve Jobs on behalf of Manzana”.

Due to the rarity of the product, the estimated price that has been given to this set of documents is in the region of 20,000 and $30,000although it is expected that the offers will exceed these figures on the last day of bidding.

Logic board prototype of an Apple Macintosh

Like a working version of the Apple-1 that was previously auctioned, the auction house offers collectors focused on Manzana an important piece such as the prototype of a Logic board from a computer Macintoshcommonly known as Motherboard and on which all the operation of a device like this is based.

Logic board prototype of an Apple Macintosh.  (Sotherby's)
Logic board prototype of an Apple Macintosh. (Sotherby’s)

“It has a handwritten serial number in the lower left corner of the C296 Plate, a feature only seen on other prototypes pre-production of logic boards”, according to the description of the product in the Web page from the auction house.

Because this component belongs to the prototype of one of the computers most successful of the company Until then, this lot has an estimated price that is also between 20,000 and $30,000and it also has an additional detail and that is that it is presented on its own custom-made display rack.

Apple IIc prototype

Another of Apple’s products during its early years and that is present at this auction is the functional prototype of Apple IIcthe first laptop made by the company in 1984 and that it was even named as the design of the year by the magazine TIME.

Apple IIc prototype.  (Sotherby's)
Apple IIc prototype. (Sotherby’s)

This device is not offered by itself, but a special carrying case and power adapter are also available.

In addition, among the details in particular that can be seen on the product, whose price could be around 6,000 and 9,000 dollars, are a sticker with the name “Fruit II +” and an apple drawn by hand in black ink.

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