A Korean drama about monotony, among the most watched this week on Netflix

"My Liberation Diary", 2022 South Korean drama. (Netflix)
“My Liberation Diary”, 2022 South Korean drama. (Netflix)

my liberation diary is a 16-episode South Korean romance drama series directed by Suk Yoon Kim and created by Park Hae Young Y Kim Suk Yoon. This drama tells the story of three brothers and a stranger, all tired of the monotony of adulthood, seeking to be freed from their frustrating lives in order to discover the path to fulfillment.

Yeom Chang Hee is the middle of the three brothers and wants to escape from his family’s house in Sanpo Village, but he does not have a dream, a situation that leads him to spend his life without meaning; in addition to being despised by members of his family. On the other hand is Yeom Mi Jung, the introverted and shy youngest of the three siblings. She is another person who wants to free herself from her boring life, since she is lonely and feels very dissatisfied. And, likewise, there is Yeom Ki Jung, who is the oldest of the three. She has a hot temper and wastes a lot of time traveling to her job in Seoul from Sanpo Village. Her life is full of complaints and she wants to find love.

"My Liberation Diary" series produced by Kim Suk-yoon and created by Park Hae Young.  (Netflix)
“My Liberation Diary” series produced by Kim Suk-yoon and created by Park Hae Young. (Netflix)

Suddenly one day, a man named Mr. Goo suddenly moves into his neighborhood. He is a drunk and seems to keep a lot of secrets. Goo is characterized by his cautious personality and his preference for keeping to himself, leading even the shy Mi Jung to approach him.

the cast of my liberation diary It is composed of Lee Minki (Because this is my first life, 2017), Kim Ji Won (descendants of the sun, 2016), Son Seok-koo (Mother, 2018), He reads, Lee Ki Woo (Fates and furies, 2018). Its distributors are JTBC Y Netflix.

Actress Kim Ji Won is Yeom Mi Jung in "My Liberation Diary."  (Netflix)
Actress Kim Ji Won is Yeom Mi Jung in “My Liberation Diary.” (Netflix)

my liberation diary with only one season so far it ranks third in the Top 10 Netflix and is already in its third week on the list of the most viewed with 14 million views.

Several netizens and followers say that this drama is not for everyone, but rather for people who like their stories a little more realistic. Others believe that this fiction speaks of how tired many people can be at some point in life. So, if you want to find out, add it to your list, watch it and draw your own conclusions.

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