A gamer child, a mother with cancer and a teaching; This is the Polish film that leads on Netflix

A gamer child, a mother with cancer and a teaching;  This is the Polish film that leads on Netflix
“Too Big for Fairy Tales” is a family comedy that ends with a big moral. (Netflix)

Too big for fairy tales ranks first in the Top 10 of the most watched non-English speaking films in Netflix. The film shot in Poland accumulates a total of 10.8 million hours viewed and is positioned above other titles such as Live is Life, Hex, Malnazidos Y Dangerous relationships. Why does this comedy with a family message enchant users of the platform?

“A spoiled video game player wants to compete in a tournament, but his mother’s illness and an eccentric aunt force him to reconsider his priorities,” says the official synopsis of the film directed by Kristoffer Rus. The plot introduces us to Waldek, a boy who considers himself “an athlete” for participating in official competitions of the Robot Rampage video game and thinks that he is ensuring a professional path within the e sports. His mother, Tereska, supports him unconditionally because she, having been left in charge of him alone from the beginning, believes that this is the best thing. She though she is also a bit overprotective.

Currently, the Polish film leads the Top 10 foreign films.  (Netflix)
Currently, the Polish film leads the Top 10 foreign films. (Netflix)

Sadness knocks on this family’s door when she receives a cancer diagnosis, but the little one still does not know the truth. While Tereska goes to the hospital and lies saying that they are just some tests, Waldek is left in charge of crazy aunt Mariola, who is characterized by her huge hair and the bright colors she uses to dress. Despite her pleasant appearance, the latter begins a strict process to make the child a healthier child: many bike rides, eating vegetables and less sedentary in front of the PC.

The story of Too big for fairy tales seeks to offer an honest perspective through Waldek’s eyes, whose life changes when she finds out that her mother is ill, and explores the character’s development in a difficult family situation. The cast is Maciej Karas, Dorota Kolak, Karolina Gruszka, Patryk Siemek, Amelia Fixalkowska, Andrzej Grabowski, among others. It has a duration of 107 minutes.

"Too Big for Fairy Tales" was released globally through the streaming service.  (Netflix)
“Too Big for Fairy Tales” was released globally through the streaming service. (Netflix)

What do critics say about Too big for fairy tales?

The Polish film scored 86 percent among audience ratings, according to the website. Rotten Tomatoes. In this regard, specialized criticism also highlighted the importance of education for children and parents, although clichés and rehashed situations are among its most negative aspects.

“Enjoyable is the strongest descriptor I can formulate for this film, which is slightly too meandering for its own good, leaning too heavily on cliches and familiarity,” wrote John Serba of decide. On the other hand, Romey Norton of Ready Steady Cut, highlighted the following: “With a nice and wholesome ending, overall this movie is an easy, sweet and quirky sight. I would recommend it for younger audiences; some adults, mostly parents, can find pieces to relate to.”

Too big for fairy tales is available to view at Netflix.