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9 Netflix cancellations that angered fans see list

 9 Netflix cancellations that angered fans  see list

Few sensations are as bad as that of having your favorite series cancelled. Over the years, some Netflix cancellations have seemed quite unjustified and even angered fans, with threats to abandon their subscription to the service.

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But after all, what were the worst cancellations ever made on netflix? Let’s find out the 9 Netflix cancellations that revolted fans:

9 -The Society

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One of the biggest reasons fans were so upset over The Society’s cancellation is the fact that it’s a mystery series. Soon, after not having the contract renewed for another season, the series ceased to be produced, catching even the cast by surprise and revolting the fans who were left without knowing what was really happening in West Ham.

8 – Sense8

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In its turn, Sense8 it was one of the first cancellations that took fans by surprise, and it certainly ranks high among Netflix cancellations that renewed fans. The series was beloved by the public and the cast even visited Brazil to participate in the LGBTQIA+ parade in São Paulo. However, there was no way and Netflix’s super production was cancelled.

7 – The OA

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Once again, we have a sci-fi thriller series that has been cancelled. After the second season, The OA went out of production and was completed with an open ending, which frustrated fans who fell in love with the story.

6 – Everything Sucks!

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In the teen genre, the series Everything Sucks, which takes place in the late 90’s, portrays dramas such as first love and much more. The soundtrack was amazing and the episodes attracted thousands of fans. Still, production did not go forward and ended in the first season.

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5 – I am not okay with this

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Being yet another teen series canceled without explanation, I Am Not Okay With This brought an impeccable cast and the promise of success comparable to Stranger Things. However, despite the fan base, the series made the list of worst cancellations on Netflix.

4 – Bounty Hunters

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The Bounty Hunters series, on the other hand, had one of the shortest durations on the streaming platform. Despite being acclaimed by the public, the production had its first season released in August 2022 and, just two months later, it was cancelled.

3 – Anne With an E

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The cancellation of Anne With An E was one of the most revolting among fans, and is, to this day, a subject that is widely discussed among subscribers. Yes, currently, there are still fans who sign petitions for the story to be resumed! With that, there are even rumors that other streaming platforms are eyeing the production rights.

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2 – Jupiter’s Legacy

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Aiming to compete against the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys, the series Jupiter’s Destiny told the story of children of superheroes who wanted to follow their parents’ legacy. However, behind-the-scenes problems and a lack of budget caused the title to be canceled shortly after the first season.

1 – Mindhunter

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Finally, we also have the Mindhunter series, which has won millions of fans around the world with just two seasons. The immersive thriller also ended earlier than fans’ expectations and sparked revolts among subscribers.

So, was your favorite series on this list and then cancelled? Tell us in the comments!

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