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9 Christmas drawings to get you in the end of the year mood

Santa Claus is already coming! The proof of this is that Christmas decorations are taking over the cities. Something that has become a tradition among Brazilians is watch christmas cartoonsto enhance the celebratory mood.


Thematic episodes are common in animations, and help to pack our affective memories of the period. On top of that, they mark the story, either by animation or by the comic tone. After all, it’s always time to laugh!

That’s why, while you prepare the tree and decorations, we’ve put together a neat list of the best Christmas designs. We promise there’s one for every taste. Check out!

1. klaus (2019)


(Source: Netflix/Playback)Source: IMDb

Of all contemporary Christmas designs, klaus has the most moving story. The Spanish animated feature film, available on Netflix, follows Jesper, the worst student at postman school.


He ends up sent to an icy island, where the inhabitants don’t get along so well. Jesper almost gives up the profession, until he meets Klaus, a lonely toy-maker carpenter.

The boy develops a rather unlikely friendship with the old man, capable of bringing joy to the cold and gloomy city. He was Oscar nominee for best animation –losing to toy story 4

two. Jack’s wise world (1993)

(Source: Disney/Reproduction)(Source: Disney/Reproduction)Source: IMDb

No list of the best Christmas cartoons would be complete without Tim Burton’s animated epic, Jack’s wise worldwhich you can follow in full on Disney+.

Jack Skellington is tired of Halloween, so he opens a portal to Christmas Town. Overwhelmed with the feeling the celebration gives him, Jack decides that he will have Christmas in Halloween Town.

Who hasn’t watched this classic animation in stop motion need to fix this right now, believe me!

3. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

(Source: Disney/Reproduction)(Source: Disney/Reproduction)Source: IMDb

As the saying goes: classic is classic, and vice versa. With Mickey on the field, there’s no bad time, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol is the perfect animation for this list.

The short film made by Disney studios was released in 1983, and is the adaptation of a classic of literature, a christmas songby Charles Dickens.

In this version, available on Disney+, Uncle Scrooge is Ebenezer Scrooge, A selfish, tight-fisted old man whose greed makes him a lonely man🇧🇷 On Christmas Eve, he is visited by three ghosts, who try to make him change his ways.

4. “Marge, don’t be proud”, the simpsons (season 7, episode 11)

(Source: FOX/Playback)(Source: FOX/Playback)Source: IMDb

There are many good episodes in the simpsonsbut the best Christmas special on the FOX show is “Marge, Don’t Be Proud”, the 11th episode of Season 7, available on Star+.

Bart is obsessed with having the newest video game on the market. Restless and anxious, he steals a unit from the store, but is caught in the moment. As few times in Christmas cartoons, this episode explores the relationship between mother and son in a delicate way.

5. Charlie Brown’s Christmas (1965)

(Source: CBS/Playback)(Source: CBS/Playback)Source: IMDb

Anyone who likes Christmas drawings has to include it in the list Charlie Brown’s Christmas, available on AppleTV+. Not just because it’s a classic of the genre, but because it puts the meaning of the date in debate, especially for children.

The animated short film shows a sad Charlie Brown, bothered by the way people only think about spending. He spends the short trying to find the true meaning of Christmas.

6. “The Red Sleigh,” South Park (season 6, episode 17)

(Source: Comedy Central/Playback)(Source: Comedy Central/Playback)Source: IMDb

if you believe that South Park don’t deserve to be on a christmas cartoon list, episode 17 of season 6, “The Red Sleigh”, available on Paramount+is here to change your mind.

Cartman decides to bring Christmas to the Iraqis, to try to regain his image with Santa Claus. However, things do not go very well, and he and his friends need to call Jesus to save the good old man.

Released at the height of the persecution of Osama Bin Laden and the fight against Saddam Hussein, it is an acid comment on the ignorance of imposing one’s culture on other peoples.

7. The Sabia Sabezinha (2021)

(Source: Netflix/Playback)(Source: Netflix/Playback)Source: IMDb

Released on Christmas Eve last year, The Sabia Sabezinha is an animated short film that follows a thrush raised by a family of mice, who want to wish on the star of the Christmas tree.

The little one wants the spirit of Christmas to be able to finally turn her into a mouse. It’s to watch as a family, with crush, with the kids!

8. “Road to the North Pole,” family guy (season 9, episode 7)

(Source: FOX/Playback)(Source: FOX/Playback)Source: IMDb

Another Christmas cartoon that deserves your attention is “Road to the North Pole”, a double episode of Family Guy, available in full on Star+.

Despite his insane May profile, Stewie still believes in Santa Claus. However, he discovers that the old people hanging out in malls are not the real Santa. Revolted, he takes Brian and leaves towards the North Pole to take satisfaction with the good old man.

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Full of pop references and entitled to a Broadway-style musical, it will make you laugh while questioning the consumerism of Christmas.

9. “For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls,” American Dad! (season 7, episode 8)

(Source: FOX/Playback)(Source: FOX/Playback)Source: IMDb

We decided that we would close this list with another episode of an adult-oriented animated series, to keep the nominations balanced. “For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls”, episode of American Dad!, is hilarious. And you can find it on Star+.

Unlike the other suggestions, this is a mixture of the fiercest criticism of Santa Claus and the Christmas spirit, with the idealization of the unity power of this holiday. Of course, all with the humor that only American Dad! have.

Tell the truth, you liked our very eclectic tips, didn’t you? Now that you have enough material to get you in the Christmas mood, share this list with your friends and family. And don’t forget our gift!

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