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8 new movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and more for this weekend

If you saw a new Netflix movie this weekend and like good animation that is also family-friendly, consider watching this critically acclaimed new movie produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Mitchell vs. The machine follows a family during the journey and suddenly encounters the robot apocalypse. Netflix is ​​looking forward to the humorous and hilarious animations of this film acquired from Sony.



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Things Heard and Seen By Netflix

Amanda Seyfried and James Norton starred in this new Netflix thriller after several art historians discovered the insidious darkness in marriage. Think magic, but on a smaller budget.

It sounds normal, and early reviews haven’t been fully praised, but “The movie Things Heard and Seen may turn out to be one of those Netflix original movies that broke the key trend of taking a spot on film. May of the “most viewed” list.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Hulu

The fourth season of Margaret Atwood’s popular dystopian drama was postponed and finally made its way to Hulu, seeing Elizabeth Moss wearing the maid’s white coat again.

Three episodes are now viewable, with the remaining seven episodes airing weekly during May and June. The show has been renewed for its fifth season, so it’s worth watching between the new movies on Netflix.



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Yasuke by Netflix

Okay, this seems very epic. In war-torn feudal Japan filled with mechs and magic, Yasuke followed the plight of the legendary African warrior Black Samurai and faced dark forces and bloodthirsty warlords. It is one of the new movies on Netflix this weekend.

In the six-episode Netflix series, LaKeith Stanfield led the cast, with American director LeSean Thomas leading the way. He also looks very violent, which is always fun watching it.

22 vs. Earth by Disney Plus

This film was shot before the release of the latest Disney and Pixar feature. The Soul 22 vs Earth is a short film about the difficult situation of Soul 22 because it refuses to go to Earth.

The Mosquito Coast by Apple TV Plus

On Mosquito Coast, Justin Theroux directed the actors in a seven-episode adaptation of the 1981 novel of the same name. It was previously adapted in a feature film in 1986 starring Harrison Ford. He followed an American family that moved to the jungles of Latin America.

The first two episodes are now on the shelves, both directed by Rupert Wyatt, with new episodes every week. It’s great to see Apple TV Plus getting more new high-end content.



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Assembled by Disney Plus

Like the previous Wandavision, Marvel’s latest “combination” feature, behind-the-scenes work on “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier,” revealed the reasons for making the latest superhero show by Disney Plus.

He has exclusive interviews with actors and crew members. If you’re satisfied with the illusion of the MCU’s crushing magic, Assembled can bring the setting, special effects, and CGI to life to bring to life the world of the series.


Without Remorse by Amazon Prime Video

If you’re going to spend some standard marksmanship fees this weekend, “no regrets” should be resolved. Since the latest Jack Ryan series, Paramount’s first Tom Clancy spinoff talks about the role of Michael B. Jordan. Here is the Story of Franchise Star John Clark.

After Clark’s pregnant wife was killed by a murderer (apparently a Russian), he was forced to take revenge. Judy Turner-Smith (Jodie Turner-Smith) and Jamie Bell (Jamie Bell) also starred in the film.

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