Home Entertainment 8 curiosities about Arón Piper that perhaps you did not know

8 curiosities about Arón Piper that perhaps you did not know

8 curiosities about Arón Piper that perhaps you did not know

Young, handsome and talented. aron piper He has everything to succeed in acting (and in music) and that’s how it has been since he stood in front of a movie camera at the age of 13. He didn’t stop anymore. But he was the “hit” of the series Elite, and the four seasons in which he gave life to Ander, the one who catapulted him to a fame that he is responsible for going ashore every day. After the recent premiere of the miniseries The silence on Netflix, has returned to the fray with Fatumin theaters from 28th of April.

Germany is his birthplace

His last name gives him away. He is the son of a German film and television editor and a Spanish homeopath.. The actor was born in Berlin (Germany) in 1997. He spent the first five years of his life there before traveling to Spain and settling in different cities, starting with Barcelona and ending in the beautiful town of Luarca (Asturias), where he lived since the 14 until he was 17, when he moved alone to live in Madrid.

Interpretation is his vocation

He had not turned 18 when he left home to try his luck as an actor in Madrid. Thank you, above all to the unconditional support of his parents. As he has commented on several occasions, they were the ones who pushed him to continue pursuing his dream of dedicating himself to acting when, immersed in a life crisis, doubts invaded him and he was about to give it all up. Luckily it was not so.

His first job was in the movies.

He was only 13 years old when he participated in the film maktub (2011) from Paco Arango. Shortly after, she would star in the short film Grace Querejeta school failure (2012), together with Adriana Ozores in the role of his mother. This work was the germ of 15 years and one daythe film released the following year with which he became known as the fictional son of Maribel Verdu.

Aron Piper in ‘Maktub’

’15 years and one day’ was the film in which he stood out

The actor shone with his work in this feature film. In it, he plays a troubled teenager who is expelled from school, for which his mother decides to send him to his grandfather, a retired military man who lives in a town on the Costa de la Luz. The film was chosen by the Academy to represent Spain at the Oscarsbut was ultimately not nominated.

Aron Piper in '15 years and one day'
Aron Piper in ’15 years and one day’

He has been nominated for a Goya

He could have received a “stubborn” and not for his interpretation. Gracia Querejeta commissioned a musical theme for the credits of her film and Piper did full. In the 2014 edition, he was nominated for a Goya for Best Original Song with his rapping She didn’t take it.

ARON, his musical name

Before acting, Arón Piper already sang. His thing is trap, rap, electronic music and urban sound. She has been making music since she was 12 years old and decided to jump on the bandwagon, taking advantage of the pull of Elite. He has two published EPs, Snow (2021) and Relief (2022) and has just finished a tour of Europe, In your dreams, which shares the title with the mixtape he has recently released. She is already preparing a new album, more pop.

It’s a viral phenomenon

The actor brings together 13 million followers on Instagram, where she shows her lifestyle, her looks and her projects every day. She has come to accumulate between four and five million “likes” on some of her photos. Upload the content that goes up, it devastates. In addition, she has been a model for brands lacoste, zara, loewe and Dior.

Very personal

aron piper he’s had a few years of sudden and extreme fame, and he’s still dealing with it. At the age of 15, he began to panic and, day by day, he learns to live with her, something that has helped him. Elite, as he has stated in some interviews. The same thing happens to him with the fan phenomenon, which he appreciates, but it costs him. The actor says he is very happy to have bought a house for his parents with the money he has earned. And he confesses that he spends on eating well, something he is passionate about, and that tobacco is his biggest vice.

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