8 characters who wear glasses in movies and series

There are many characters who wear glasses and who became famous in the entertainment world. Its accessories have become a trademark, even serving as inspiration for costumes or for those looking for a different style.

Interestingly, some of these characters only wear glasses as a disguise — like Clark Kent, who hides the hero Superman under his frame. Others need them for everyday life, like the Cyclops, who needs to protect everyone from the deadly rays emitted by his eyes.

Today My Series shows the 8 characters who wear the most popular glasses from movies and series. Check out!

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1. Johnny Bravo – Johnny Bravo

One of the most famous cartoons of the 90s, Johnny Bravo was characterized by his long blonde topknot and, above all, by his sunglasses. So much so that practically at no time in its four seasons the character appeared without them.

Johnny BravoSource: HBO Max

The cartoon featured Johnny as the protagonist. In it, the character was always trying to find a girlfriend, even though his clumsy way always got in the way of the numerous failed attempts.

2. Cyclops – X-Men

Cyclops is one of the most famous characters in the universe of X-Men. Whether in comics, animations, or even in movies, the iconic mutant has as his main feature his glasses beyond extravagant.

cyclopscyclopsSource: What Culture

But they are not a unique Cyclops style, but a vital necessity. After all, the hero uses the accessory to control the deadly rays that are emanating from your eyes. Without them, the mutant cannot control the deadly and destructive optic blasts.

3. Agent Smith – Matrix

Main villain of the Matrix saga, Agent Smith is known worldwide for his sunglasses. They hide the evil eyes of anyone who wants to eliminate Neo and company from the “real world” and the universe built within the Matrix itself.

Agent SmithAgent SmithSource: Charactout

The character was played by actor Hugo Weaving in the three films of the original trilogy. In the last film of the saga, Matrix Resurrectionsit was up to Jonathan Groff to give life to the fearsome villain of the sci-fi feature.

4. Walter White – Breaking Bad

The famous protagonist of the series Breaking Bad, Walter White is always remembered for his clothes. From the classic professor attire, with a hat to hide hair loss resulting from cancer treatment, to the iconic yellow jumpsuit used to produce the drugs he sells.

Walter WhiteWalter WhiteSource: TecMundo

However, what both have in common are the famous Walter White glasses. With a simple frame, without any exaggeration, they are enough to hide the criminal mind behind a simple facet of a high school teacher.

5. Clark Kent – ​​Superman

The world’s most famous hero uses a secret identity of a reporter named Clark Kent. And while the looks of the two are very different, the same cannot be said for their appearance. After all, only the glasses separate the journalist from the man of steel.

Clark KentClark KentSource: WP

With that, Clark Kent’s glasses are already a trademark in the character’s comics and movies. They must do a good job, as no one ever suspected that under those lenses there is the famous hero who protects Earth from threats from across the universe.

6. Milhouse – The Simpsons

One of the most beloved characters from The Simpsons, Milhouse carries one of the most iconic glasses in the cartoons. With a high degree of myopia, the little one wears lenses that make his eyes tiny.

Milhouse and his parentsMilhouse and his parentsSource: IMDB

If that wasn’t enough, there were many episodes where Milhouse lost his accessory and was practically blind. Looks like the problem is geneticsince her parents, Luanne and Kirk Van Houten have the same complication and use the same models of glasses and lenses.

7. Harry Potter – Harry Potter

If there’s anything more iconic about the little wizard than his wand and his Hogwarts uniform, it’s his glasses. With a well-rounded model, it’s easy to distinguish the character just by the accessory over his eyes.

Harry PotterHarry PotterSource: HBO Max

The glasses are so iconic that all those who dress up as the character can even dare to choose the costume, giving up the uniform and other characteristic clothes of the character. However, what cannot be left out are the famous round accessories.

8. Minions – Despicable Me

The most beloved and beloved little yellow monsters in cinema are also on the list. In addition to the funny way of talking and the characteristic jumpsuit, the glasses are the great trademark of the characters.

the minionsthe minionsSource: Prime Video

Thanks to them, the little creatures have huge eyes, even in some cases where the character only has one. Thus, those who dress up as minions should strictly follow the jumpsuit and high-grade glasses set.

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Now that you know the most famous characters who wear glasses, how about getting inspired to have a more differentiated style?

And in your opinion, which character wears the most iconic glasses in entertainment? Tell us on the social networks of TecMundowe’d love to hear about your choices!

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