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7 Worst Romance Movies in the World According to IMDb

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Anyone who likes a good passionate plot certainly must have watched many romance movies out there. After all, the feeling of rooting for the main couple to end up together comes with a delicious butterflies in your stomach, right?

We here at TecMundo have already listed the best feature films for those who want to cry and get emotional🇧🇷 but what about the worst romance movies in the world? If you, like us, are curious to know what they are, just continue reading and check out the list prepared according to IMDb. Look!

1 – Norbit, A Heavy Comedy (2007)



The first one on our list has only 4.1 stars on the site and we can say that it falls into the romantic-comedy genre. One notable point is that Eddie Murphy plays three characters in the film – Norbit, Mr. Wong and Rasputia.

The narrative focuses on Norbit, who after being created by Mr. Wong, leads a life of few friends. Not to mention that his wife and brothers-in-law are always making fun of him. But, everything seems to change when Kate – his childhood sweetheart – returns to his life.


To get an idea of ​​the quality – or lack thereof – of the film, Eddie Murphy received 3 nominations for the Raspberry Award, which, unlike the Oscar, contemplates the worst films of the year. And look at this: the production competed for the Worst Film category.

two – Full Frontal (2001)

Can a movie with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in the cast be considered one of the worst in the world? Yes it is full frontal is proof of that. After all, the actress was part of the recording and did not have one of the best reviews of her career.


The plot is a little complex, because it’s a movie about a movie🇧🇷 Therefore, what we watch most of the time is the staging of the characters that participate in a feature film. However, the final meeting of all the actors and actresses is the most important thing – stay tuned!

Surrounded by holes in the script, some say this is one of the worst romance movies they’ve ever seen. But the actors cannot complain, as the director warned about the possibility before recording began.

3 – Sleeping Away (2004)

Cliché and predictable, everything we least want when it comes to movies. Especially because, nothing more boring than sitting down to watch a production already knowing the ending.

Simple, the script tells the story of Julie (Alexa Vega) who plans a pajama party at her house, shortly before officially entering High School. However, the party is not to have fun or enjoy with the guests, but thinking of a beautiful cinematic escape in order to blame his enemy Staci for a car theft.

Exactly, the typical story of a girl and a villain from the 2000s. However, there are those who like it and that’s okay too. We’re just not responsible for the 5.3 rating on IMDb!

4 – Surviving Christmas (2004)

Let’s admit that Christmas season classics They are a delight to watch, right? But that didn’t happen to Surviving Christmaswhich features the famous Ben Affleck in the cast.

As a central plan we have Drew Lathan, who is a rich man tired of spending Christmas with no one around. Determined to find someone, he goes back to his roots and makes a $250,000 offer for a family to spend the celebration with him. Little do they know how hard it will be to put up with Drew.

There are those who say that the story is even funny, but most viewers complain about poor editing and uninteresting jokes. Well, if you want to take advantage of Christmas to try to watch it, let’s not say it’s worth it!

5 – Teacher without Class (2011)

Another film that has the likes of Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake on the acting side. And amazingly, the budget used to build the production was no less than US$ 20 million.

Elizabeth has always been greedy and, of course, enjoyed having a life surrounded by luxury and many material possessions. However, when her fiancé ends their relationship, she has to go back to work. Now she is a teacher, but nothing stops her from scamming and carrying out frauds to achieve her goal: finding a man who will support her.

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Even with the high budget, the film made a profit of more than 100 thousand dollars. Many say that the script, direction and acting combo reproduces one of the worst romantic-comedy films of recent times.

6 – Damned Luck (2007)

Even with so many negative reviews, actress Jessica Alba delivered a great performance. However, her teammate Dane Cook did not have the same performance, causing some to hate her participation.

After refusing to kiss a girl during the Bottle Game, 10-year-old Charlie is cursed. After 25 years, he discovers that every girl he has one night of love with finds the passion of his life. However, when the man falls in love with Cam, he must find a way to make her stay in his life.

Here we also have one more romance super feature film with Golden Raspberry nomination🇧🇷 Not even Jessica Alba managed to escape the Worst Actress and Worst Duo category, along with Dane Cook.

7 – Hell Woman (2001)

Last but not least, we have Hell Woman🇧🇷 Again, a romantic-comedy filled with not-so-nice humor, with holes in the script and an extremely exaggerated ending.

The story accompanies childhood friends Darren Silverman, JD and Wayne, who have been through tough times together. But when Darren starts dating Judith, everything changes. Taken by jealousy and certain that she is not the ideal woman for his friend, JD and Wayne bring Silverman’s childhood love back to his life, in addition to planning to fake the death of his current colleague.

The typical “who is he going to hook up with”. I’m sure you’ve seen this before – in fact, many times, right? Nothing new and, therefore, nothing that makes us get hooked on TV for a romance movie.

So, are any of them among the worst on your list as well? Is calm! If you like the cited titles, that’s fine. They are productions to have fun and laugh out loud.

Stay tuned here at My Series and take the time to read the romance series nominations that we separate. We believe that you will simply love the selection we made, run there!

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