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7 Useful Google Translate Features

7 Useful Google Translate Features
Google Translate offers a variety of ways to help users translate text and voice into other languages. (Photo: Google)

the translator of Google is a tool developed by the technology company with the intention of helping users users to understand new words in others Languages and these complications are eliminated when looking for information in the search engine.

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However, the translator offered by the translation company technology has other functions that allow people have a variety of useful options to be able to apply them in other contexts and situations in daily life.

Documents traduction

The translation service is not only used within the website of the Google tool, but it is possible to use it as a means of processing documents in a idiom different and take it to Spanish. This function is available for any of the languages ​​included in the regular service of Google.

Translation of documents in Google Translate (Capture)
Translation of documents in Google Translate (Capture)

To use it, you just need to access the website official translate.google.com and click on the Documents tab. the space of translation will change to a file upload area, which can be in PDF, Word, Powet Point, Excel, etc.

Once the file has been uploaded, click the upload button. Translate with a blue background. After a few seconds of waiting, you can click on Download translation and a new version of the document It will arrive on the device in the same format in which it was sent.

Listen to the pronunciation

An important function within the list of Google Translate is to listen to the translation of the word, phrase or text that has been consulted in the system.

Listen to the pronunciation in Google Translate (Capture)
Listen to the pronunciation in Google Translate (Capture)

It is not only useful to be able to know how words are pronounced in another language, but it can help to practice and improve the conversation skills of the students. users.

Translation of web pages

Processing entire documents is only a small part of Google Translate’s ability. The tool of the company of technology It also has the ability to translate in seconds a Web page whole.

All users have to do is click on the “Web Pages” tab and insert the link of the website they want translate. This function applies to any language.

voice translation

In addition to being able to write directly the words, phrases or texts to be translated, Google it also offers the ability to use the devices microphone to help with this process.

Voice translation in Google Translate (Capture)
Voice translation in Google Translate (Capture)

This function of translate It can be useful to be able to capture the voice of a person who speaks a language not known by the user in order to understand it. In addition, it can also be used to practice the person’s pronunciation in another language.

Translation alternatives

Because each language has its peculiarities, Google Translate It offers not one, but several translation options so that users can choose which one is most useful for them depending on the context where you are and depending on what you want to convey in another language.

One-click translation

So that the translation of web pages with Google Translate much easier, users can also right-click anywhere on a website and, when the corresponding menu opens, search for the option “Translate to Spanish” or to whatever language the browser has been set to.

Just a few seconds after clicking on that option, both the main web page and the rest of its content will be translated automatically. In the navigation bar The Google Translate icon will appear indicating the recognized language and to which it has been translated.

One-click translation in Google Translate (Capture)
One-click translation in Google Translate (Capture)

Users can set the site to either one just by clicking on that icon.

touch typing

Finally, an additional translation option is the one that implies changing the way of text input in the corresponding field using the touch writing option in Google Translate. This form of text involves handwriting of the word in a special field.

Translation by handwriting in Google Translate (Capture)
Translation by handwriting in Google Translate (Capture)

Google will be in charge of identifying the language in which it is being written and also, regardless of the shape of the letters, they will be interpreted with a series of options granted to the user to ensure the greatest precision possible in translation.


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