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7 tricks to discover the best restaurants on Google Maps

Google Maps can become a very important tool for find the best restaurants when there are holidays or to innovate.

For that reason, Infobae brings a collection of Seven tips and tricks to discover the best restaurants with Google Maps:

1. Manage the area of ​​frequent attendance

To discover new places, it’s best to manage your own area so that Google Maps knows where you frequently eat and dine out.

To do this, simply go to Setting > Manage your zones and you just have to Add the areas that interest you and those that don’t.

Once this is done, Google Maps will be able to send a notification if it detects a new very popular site in one of the regions that have been selected.

2. Manage food preferences

To improve the recommendations, they can be customized from Setting > Manage your preferences.

There we can configure our type of food in case we are vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, etc.

In the section ‘I’m interested’ or ‘I’m not interested’ you can say the type of food you prefer (Chinese, Mexican, hamburgers, pizzas, etc.) as well as the places that interest you or not.

It should be noted that it is important to always evaluate the places you have been.

3. Find restaurants that prepare your favorite dishes

Google Maps, in addition to allowing you to search for restaurants by type of cuisine, also allows you to find dishes just by typing their name in the search tool.

Google Maps will show all the places where the searched dish is mentioned on the menu or in the restaurant reviews.

4. Explore the restaurant’s most popular dishes and menus

If this is your first time visiting a place, you can check their popular dishes to see what people usually order.

This information can be found at Menu > Featured.

There you also have a section to see the restaurant menus, with direct access to restaurant menus or menu images made by users.

5. Check affinity

By establishing themes and restaurants that are of your preference, you will establish an affinity.

This means that search recognition on Google Maps can be seen on the page of this site a percentage with the probability that this site will interest you.

This probability is based on other similar sites at the time they were assessed, and the app will know that they fit on the type of food you like.

6. Use filters to refine your search

When looking for places to eat, Google Maps provides very practical filters, since they allow you to sort by personal match, filter by price, by type of food or by reviews.

Therefore, it can be remove any sites that are out of budget or that it is closed at that time.

7. Check the best time to go to a restaurant

If you don’t like queuing for lunch or dinner, you can ask before you go during rush hour.

This graph can be found in the tab Summary of the options in the chosen restaurant.

there you can see the busiest times for each day of the week.

2 Little-Known Google Maps Features That Are More Useful Than You Thought

In order to make browsing more comfortable, here are two little-known but very useful features:

Send addresses between devices

Google’s synchronization between devices connected to the same account is always one of the strengths of this technological giant, in the case of Google Maps, users will be able to send addresses or selected places between devices.

If you are on the PC, simply select a location and click on the ‘Send to your phone’ button, with this option users will be able to select the device to which they want to send the location (this is if they have more than one device connected to the same account), in addition, these locations can also be sent to the email address or SMS of the predetermined number.

Take the route with the least fuel consumption

One of the best-known functions of Google Maps allows you to calculate a route between two places, in addition to this, the application offers several route alternatives marked with the time and distance that they will spend, additionally, some of these route options will show an icon of a green leaf, these types of routes are chosen by the application, which estimates that with this option you will spend less fuel (or watts).

Users will be able to click on it to see exactly how much fuel they will save.


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