7 smartest characters in the series

Among so many characteristics that make fans fall in love with series characters, there is one highly valued: intelligence. Whether to make money, to escape from trouble or to solve mysteries, intelligence is the key to many situations portrayed in the series.

Regardless of whether you’re a renowned physicist, a science teacher or a hardworking high school girl, there’s no doubt that being smart is that “plus” that characterizes the characters and makes them memorable.

With that in mind, we have gathered here the 7 personalities whose intelligence is a very striking trait. Let’s find out who they are?

Check out the 7 smartest characters in the series!

7 – Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

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The city of Springfield isn’t exactly known for intelligence – quite the opposite. Its citizens, most notably Homer Simpson, are often getting into trouble because of their dubious knowledge.

However, some characters stand out among the others and Lisa, Homer’s daughter, is on this list. The girl has an IQ of 159 and her personality is based on doing well in school.

Lisa competes against her classmates to be the best in the class and is always studying. All this effort guarantees you a place among the highlights of the series!

6 – Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

(Source: CBS/Disclosure)(Source: CBS/Disclosure)Source: CBS

It is questionable whether Dexter Morgan’s intelligence is used for good or not. However, what we cannot deny is that he, in fact, is a genius.

Dexter is a serial killer. He is a psychopath and has above average intelligence, using his high IQ to get rid of victims without anyone suspecting him.

Although Dexter only kills criminals, his morals are still questionable. Still, he couldn’t be left out of our list!

5 – Walter White (Breaking Bad)

(Source: Sony/Disclosure)(Source: Sony/Disclosure)Source: Sony

Played by Bryan Cranston, Walter White is one of the most enigmatic series characters. In breaking badhe is a professor of chemistry diagnosed with lung cancer.

Walter wants to secure a better future for his family after his death. So he starts manufacturing methamphetamine and uses his knowledge to produce a unique, quality drug that helps him build a real empire.

In addition, the proof of his intelligence is given by the way he sells the drug and manages to escape dangerous situations. It’s worth watching!

4 – Gregory House (House)

(Source: Universal/Disclosure)(Source: Universal/Disclosure)Source: Universal

To be a doctor, you have to be smart. But still, Dr. House stands out among the rest!

Casa, Lar manages to unravel complicated cases, in which no one else knows how to arrive at a diagnosis. His team is the best there is, and despite the doctor’s eccentricities, his intelligence cannot be denied!

3 – Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

(Source: BBC/Disclosure)(Source: BBC/Disclosure)Source: BBC

Sherlock brings a more contemporary version of the classic character. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, the detective is dangerous and relentless, willing to do whatever it takes to solve his mysteries.

The actor has already compared Sherlock with another of his characters who is also very intelligent: the Doctor Strange. With this duo, it’s hard to imagine any villain getting away with it.

2 – Sheldon Cooper

(Source: CBS/Disclosure)(Source: CBS/Disclosure)Source: CBS

It’s impossible to talk about intelligent series characters without quoting Sheldon Cooper. The theoretical physicist of The Big Bang Theory is one of our all-time favorite characters and his genius brain is precisely what makes him so captivating.

Although very intelligent, Sheldon lacks social skills. He doesn’t always know when someone is sarcastic or making a joke. However, he makes up for all this with eidetic memory and knowledge of the universe.

By the way, Sheldon’s intelligence has accompanied him since childhood and yielded a spin-off called Young Sheldon.

1 – Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)(Source: Adult Swim/Disclosure)Source: Adult

There is no other character from the series to top our list besides Rick Sanchez. After all, he’s a genius scientist—although his alcoholism and reckless behavior also come into play.

Rick is very smart and has created several devices that don’t exist on Earth – like the equipment that keeps him doing sit-ups while he’s sleeping. The problem is, his creations often put the safety of Morty and his family at risk!

So, which one of these smart characters from the series is your favorite? Feel free to share the article on social media!

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